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Thomson Camping Projector 480p $79 Delivered @ Australia Post


Looks similar to the other just posted but 480p resolution and free postage.

Outdoor movie nights just got that much easier with a Thomson Portable Camping Projector. Designed for outdoor, it features a built-in battery and 2-Watt speaker. Perfect for road trips and watching movies outside.


800 x 480p resolution
Features a built-in battery and 2-Watt speaker
For best results, project 1-3 metres from a wall or flat surface
Included accessories: 1 x power adaptor and 1 x remote

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    480P LOL no

    • +3

      The other is apparently 360p native

    • +1

      Perfect for your old DVD collection

      • +4

        …as long as all the DVDs only contain films/shows where the whole plot happens outdoors at noon on a very sunny day.

        • -1

          Thanks for your useful comment.

  • +1

    Utterly lazy post. No details. No deal. No bargain.

    • +21

      Says the person who has posted literally zero deals in the 4 years you’ve been a member. How about you actually contribute instead of just taking (and complaining).

      • sleeping account. companies/marketers make hundreds of sleeping accounts & start using it later when they need to.

        • We have no evidence of this occurring nor is it appropriate to make accusations against members. Please use the report link in future.

  • +8

    Battery Life: 20-30 minutes 🤨

    • +5

      2-3hr charging time for 20-30min of battery life…………

    • +1

      Perfect for the bathroom I guess.

      • shit projector…

  • +4

    “Spend more time having a conversation with your family, with our poor battery life, even if the lame resolution doesn’t turn you off… you’ll have no choice but to have a discussion once it goes flat”

    • +1

      I see you’ve completed your marketing degree.

    • Since when was camping all about just talking with the people you go with?

  • +1

    “Keep your kids distracted just long enough to hide their smart devices”

  • 480P, perfect for my Dreamcast/s.

    Seriously though, azif this is a deal.

    • not really, there's redream which can upscale dreamcast games to 1080, so getting a new projector will be worth it.

      • Does it work with the HDMI?
        the fact that not all games supported the VGA box actually really annoyed me.

        • redream is an emulator, so if the device you're running supports HDMI, yes.

        • no, redream is a emulation. You can run it off a fire stick 4k via HDMI. Iam surpisred on how well it runs these days.
          I am hoping to get one to try jojo bizarre adventage.

        • Get yourself a GDEMU and patch games to work via VGA.

          • @Dreamcast: the current prices for retro /dreamcast is off the charts in the past couple of years. I would prefer keeping the console in orignal stock contional rather than install the GDEMU.

            • @godofpizza: I still think prices are relatively cheap compared to other retro consoles. I thankfully bought a tonne load of pal dreamcasts before the prices went up.

              Look for a cheap NTSC VA1 Dreamcast. Through in a GDEMU and Pico PSU and you're set!

          • +1

            @Dreamcast: Name checks out

      • Haha I know. I actually run GDEMU and patch games to VGA. I run a VGA to 4K Hdmi upscaler. Works wonders!

  • +4

    Wow high expectations for a $79 battery powered generic projector…

    • +2

      IKR. I'm sure the kids out the back watching some Mickey Mouse on the side of the tent are going to complain about the lack of hardware H.265 decoding…

  • Hey, that's the brand I mentioned here

    Stay away from it and from AusPost, unless the projector is merely for babies to watch blurry toons and you don't care if it breaks, as the customer service is poor af.

    I'd sooner go for this crappy projector - at least you have a physical BCF store to take your return. And you get a tiny screen!

  • +1

    Does it have enough bloomin’ lumens?

  • +1


  • Thomson Camping Projector

    And here was me, thinking camping was about getting away from technology…

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