Spotify Wrapped 2021 Results

What were your results for Spotify Wrapped 2021?

Me personally, I use Poweramp for playing my high-quality files, so I only had ~7000 minutes on Spotify. Hoping that Spotify HiFi becomes a thing soon.

Poll Options

  • 18
    0 - 10,000 minutes
  • 24
    10,000 - 25,000 minutes
  • 20
    25,000 - 50,000 minutes
  • 14
    50,000 - 75,000 minutes
  • 8
    75,000 - 100,000 minutes
  • 12
    100,000+ minutes

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  • -1

    I hate Spotify and only use it extremely rarely.

    • Can I ask why? Bugs? Pricing? Song library?

      • -2

        Song library primarily, and the 'suggestions'.
        I like to explore and listen to completely new music.

        • +2

          I quite like youtube music for the random channels it has/suggests. It does the whole recommendations thing on what I listen to but picking a new channel from time to time finds some gold.

          Dunno if that's what Spotify already does though, as I've never used it.

        • +1

          Same here. Soundcloud is far better for discovering random new music. I hate how Spotify removed the feature where you could tap and hold on a song or album to preview it.

    • +1

      Reasons why you hate it and what do you use instead?

      I find it extremely convenient to use in the car and also at home were it's integrated with my Google Home speakers….. 'Hey Google, play Barbie Girl by Aqua'.

      • +1

        As above, song library primarily.
        In the car, try 3RRR or PBS. Such a wealth of diverse music out there that a lot of people will not hear on Spotify. Don't have to like it all, but have the awareness.
        At home, it is either the radio or albums I have purchased.

        There is, of course, the matter of royalties to artists as well.

        • +2

          That's fair enough… call me a sell out but I usually listen to the commercial stations in the car,.

          No radio for me at home other than a radio station streaming service and haven't purchased a CD/itunes etc. for years.

          I do listen to pod casts from time to time.

      • I dislike it because it's hard to get it cheap.

        YouTube Music costs me $1 a month and does the same thing. I'll admit Spotify is easier to manage playlists and such.

        • haha.. I use someone else's account :D

          I'd probably get YT music too if I had to pay for Spotify and YT cost me $1 a month.

          How'd you get it for $1 a month?

  • I rather listen to the radio. i get bored if i don't hear voices and ads.

    • +7

      Opposite. I listen to music to get rid of the ad nauseam voices in my head ๐Ÿ˜ณ

    • +8

      I hardly ever listen to commercial radio to avoid ads (and ridiculous repetition) and most DJs drive me up the wall.

      • +6

        I agree; commercial radio in Australia is the same as commercial television; soul-destroying.

        That's probably why I don't know anything about so-called 'celebrities'.

      • +3

        Also the "incredibly interesting" people that call in to tell them about some inane thing they are doing.

        • +5

          And also the Pam's and slavoz's of the radio world. Arrrrrghhhh

          And drive time radio with hosts talking non stop and thinking they are funny. The last thing I want at 4pm is to listen to more people banging on with bulltish.

    • +1


      I'm not into the ads, but really like Radio National in the car. Almost always land on an interesting discussion on a range of topics.

      • Iโ€™ll give it a listen. My mum always get mad when I listen to Kyle and Jackie O, so itโ€™s about time I listened to something more mature.

  • +4

    fkn wiggles. my algo is ruined

    • Don't I know it… I was apparently in the top 0.5% of Christopher Beck listeners this year. (he's the composer of the Frozen soundtrack)

  • +1

    I have all the music I need on my 10 year old ipod classic.

  • Only 67k minutes here but apparently that's more than 95% of Australian listeners

    • +1

      Wow. I gotta lift my numbers. 11k here.

      • A friend has 190k minutes. That's like 8 hours + per day for the whole year.

  • Never got into Spotify, Deezer works well for me.

  • 172k minutes

  • +1

    Pffft, it's all about Vanced or Plex.

  • +3

    I feel so old-school. I almost never stream music. If I like it, I just but the album, mainly on Bandbamp (since Google Music folded).

    I was just reading some stuff about Spotify. Artists get about $0.004 per steam. Must be hard for anyone except the really popular artists to make a living that way.

    • It is, unfortunately, the same for ebooks.

  • +1

    zero. Screw Spotify. I hate how they remove the best features from the app.

  • 126k mins

  • I do love spotify, some good things about it not mentioned above. Podcasts, I spend close to two hours a day in the car, between school drop offs and getting to and from work. I hate free to air radio so not even an option, I find the podcasts to be great, especially the daily ones. Other awesome thing is other people's playlists. Like some good ones are Sunday Sessions/ pub sessions / old school rock / Easy Sunday Mornings (probably got some of the names wrong, but you type them in and you get some nice lists). I am one of those guys that always has music on at home and even though I am not a fan of spotify suggested songs, I do like some of the wicked playlists.
    (~65,000+ mins, top 0.5% of Morgan Wallen listeners)

  • +1

    I mostly only listen to podcasts these days, and spotify is an absolutely terrible podcast app. It blows my mind that this is a top company with such a bad user experience.

    • +1

      Agree You can't add non-Spotify pods to the Spotify app but
      Using a separate app I can sub to all the Spotify pods as well as pods from anywhere else as well
      There may be some Spotify exclusives I am missing but meh
      What podcasts app do you use?
      I am just on Google Podcasts and it is fine

      • +1

        I use pocket casts, it's great!

  • I think I was in the top 5

    Per hundred

    Lead with your strengths people

    It's not a lie by omission

    It's a narrative flow

  • To be honest I can't hear the diff between lossless and a decent compression codec

    Decent meaning, have a listen and work out what you working with ears wise

    But don't make the mistake of using music to listen to your gear

    Use your gear to listen to the beau tfull music

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