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30% off All Coffee Blends & Free Express Shipping @ Airjo Coffee Roaster


30% off all blends with free shipping again.

Express shipping on every order but you'll be at the mercy of Australia Post!

My last order to SA took 3 days. Roast date was the day before it shipped.

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Airjo Coffee Roaster
Airjo Coffee Roaster

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    omg i have too much coffee now haha

    Anyone tried freezing them in their bag if im not planning on touching it for a while?

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      Thread here

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      Try freezing them and see how your grinder handles it

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        I don't think people are grinding frozen beans, are they? Wouldn't you leave them portion on the bench for 5 minutes and grind them at room temp?

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      I've started freezing coffee beans recently. I had 1kg, filled up my coffee grinder and divided the remainder into 2 separate freezer bags.

      After about a month a still had some coffee beans left in my grinder (I stopped drinking my morning coffee). My curiosity got me to compare the smell of my grinder stored beans vs frozen beans. The frozen beans had a much fresher smell - though dulled since they were frozen. After defrosting the smell was comparable to fresh beans. At least according to my senses. How long will the other bag last in the freezer? I don't know. But it's been effective so far.

      Totally recommend freezing if you have too much coffee.

      • How are you freezing them? in airtight bag? or container?

        • I used a plastic freezer bag. It's airtight.

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    Hey airjo, when is last day for order and when are you open again in the new year?

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      I emailed asking this question as it was something I needed to know and the answer I got back is:

      "We won’t be closing for any time other than public holidays."

      So the good news is we can still order our coffee over Christmas, just the bank holidays will be affecting postage.

      So the public holidays are:

      27 Dec Mon Christmas Holiday
      28 Dec Tue Boxing Day Holiday
      1st Jan Sat New Years Day
      3rd Jan Mon New Years Day

  • Thanks bought

  • Thanks, ordered one kilo

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    My order placed on Monday night still hasn't shipped, and that supposedly had Express Post.

    Buyer beware.

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      In a similar situation. Ordered on 28th still waiting. But I think mine due to aus post delays…

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      All my orders from Airjo so far have been express and shipped same/next day. They have probably made a mistake, I'd email them to see what's going on.

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      I'm in Sydney and ordered (Sumatra blend) on Sunday night. It shipped Monday, arrived Wednesday. Been drinking it since.

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      same here,auspost shows "ready for processing"

    • It'd be great if people understood handling time and post time are two different things…. Regardless, I personally have never had an issue with AirJo. I ordered this morning and it was posted just after lunch.

      AusPost delays are crazy at the moment. I have been waiting 9 days for an "express" package… I got another email from AusPost today advising it will likely be a further 3 business days from delivery.

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    This coffee is great, plus all deliveries I’ve had come within 72hrs max.

    The only thing is PayPal isn’t working on their site

    • Yes PayPal not working for me either. Thought it was just me.

    • Just placed an order through Paypal, it worked for me!

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    I wish they had better descriptions of the tasting notes of each blend.

  • Thanks OP! Just bought 500g of Enterprise and Colombian to see what the hype is about.

  • I really enjoy the taste of their Decaf (On the decaf due to health reasons), is there any other blends that taste similar ?

    • Good to hear. I am running out of decaf and was curious about theirs.

  • Still waiting on my last order from last weekend. Posted Monday but will arrive this coming Monday apparently :/

  • Does it come with free religious pamphlets? If not, no deal

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