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20% off Breast Pumps and Accessories + Delivery @ Spectra Baby


My first deal post! Straight from the email:

"We're excited to confirm our annual Christmas Sale starts Dec 6! All Spectra breast pumps and accessories will be 20% off, so a great time to grab yourself something for under the tree ๐ŸŽ„.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Start: Monday Dec 6 10 am AEDT (Sydney time)

๐Ÿ‘‰ Ends: Friday Dec 10, 12 Midnight AEDT (Sydney time)"

In my experience by far the best before going full on hospital grade which cost thousands. Had one of the cheap ones for baby #1 and still have nightmares, that buzzing/grinding noise from the cheapies shakes the foundations of your house. Went with the S2+ for baby #2 and it makes a world of a difference, 20% off coming up, you pay a premium but it's worth it.

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    Do they come with instruction videos ?

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      Why don't you volunteer ?

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        I'm not qualified.

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          Lactation days behind you?

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            @ccrap: Cheesy comment.

  • We got the S1 (battery powered) and it's worked great, very happy with purchase in those first few weeks especially.

    Got it on 20% off the last time from Spectra, delivery was v quick. Have since seen it a little cheaper from Amazon via UK.

  • Wife has the S2+ and S9+ portable. She tried a few cheaper ones and they were the most effective. They'll also send to a parcel locker which can be handy rather than the postie waking the baby.

    • The cheaper ones were more effective?

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        Ah no - sorry. I just wrote that poorly and can't edit it now

        The Spectra stuff are great. She tried a couple of cheaper things because the Spectra can be expensive once you've already forked out for everything else to get a baby started.

        In the end, it was worth just buying the Spectra.

  • These are the best! Also resale value is friggin awesome coz you can just buy replacement parts for all the boob/milk contact bits and voila, you have pretty much a new unit.

    Also new parents in sydney - the one fine baby expo (free tix) is on this weekend in Moore Park. Head down for some freebies and discount codes (but be safe!)

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    My wife had the S2 after trying all sorts of pumps from competing brands which were also hospital grade (all of which had limited success) and the Spectra came out on top by a huge margin.

    It was super reliable and lasted a good couple of years with plenty of use (3 kids here and she lent it out to some friends too [Just the pump]) and the only reason we don't still have it is because a toddler decided to see how aerodynamic they are.. fun fact, they're not very aerodynamic at all… the pump simply lost suction.
    If we ever decide to have more, we would buy the S2 without giving it a 2nd thought, they honestly are that good.

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    The advantage of the spectra is itโ€™s a closed system so the breastmilk canโ€™t get back into the machine (which is why a lot of other brands break). Iโ€™ve had mine for 4 years (2 kids) and 3rd on the way. They are the best on the market.

  • My partner says they hurt when used on a high suction (3 & 4 setting never more than that). Suction power 1 & 2 don't pump much at all. Not sure what's wrong.
    The Medela they had her use at the hospital was so much better.

  • Website has not been working since the sale started

    Some crazy ozbargain going on!

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