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[NSW] 12x Blackberry Punnets $7.99 @ Harris Farm (Pennant Hills)


1 tray of Driscoll's Blackberry punnets for $7.99. A tray contains 12 x 125g punnets (approx 66.6c per punnet).

Spotted at Pennant Hills store. About 100 trays left.

May be available in other stores.

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Harris Farm Markets

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  • hows the quality

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      Packed On: 26/11/21
      Best Before: 02/12/21

    • The berries are large, and the taste I'd say is average (not too tangy, not bland).

      • If best before was yesterday I'm guessing at least some in each punnet are starting to go off (soft/mouldy)?

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          yea i only worry about molds as they spread fast

        • I bought a tray yesterday, gave some away and still have a few in the fridge.
          Still ripe and firm, no mold yet … but YMMV.

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    And here I am buying them for $3 per punnet from Woolworths :(

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    For a second I thought there were cheap phones going

    • Phones come in punnets?

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        For Blackberry you never know :)

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    Upvoted just on the thought of a tray for $8 🤤

    Make some serious amounts of Cranachan (just with blackberries) nom nom! 😋

  • 🚁🚁🚁

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    Blackberry pie!
    Blackberry sorbet!
    Blackberry icecream!
    Blackberry smoothie!
    Blackberry hair dye!
    Blackberry stains everywhere!

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      What about blackberry jam?

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    It's in Broadway store too, so probably all Sydney stores. Went out on display around yesterday mid morning. Bought a tray, had some last night and this morning, seems decent quality. Gave some to family members, washed and put in zip locks and froze some, and will eat the rest in coming days. Sorry for not posting myself, I meant to, took a picture and everything, just life got in the way. Thank you OP for posting.

  • Should be hands everywhere!!

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    Berry cheap

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    7.99 for one punnet or 12 punnets? I read the sign and take it as 7.99 a punnet which makes more sense

    • says $7.99 a tray so the whole box i read that as.

    • $7.99 for 12 punnets.

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    OMG!!! I LOVE blackberries! Freeze them and make pies and jam. YUM!

    Only time in recent memory wished I were in NSW. :(

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