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Skylum Photo Editing Software Bundle 17 Items for $34.55 (Was $936.89) @ Humble Bundle


Another one for photographers of any level

Just saw this deal through Humble Bundle for a bunch of highly rated photo editing software. I have used Luminar 4 and Luminar AI since they both launched, as well as Aurora HDR, but paid a substantial amount more for a bundle containing those 3 programs.

As per the site:
Bring your photo-editing capabilities to new levels with this bundle of software from Skylum! Harness the power of artificial intelligence with Luminar AI. Edit high-dynamic-range images with Aurora HDR. Enhance your skills with Learn Lifestyle Photography with Dan + Chelle. Add some artistic flair to your photos with templates like Van Gogh Artistic Collection and more. Plus, you’ll support One Tree Planted and WDC (Whale & Dolphin Conservation) when you purchase this bundle!

This bundle has the following:
Luminar AI
Luminar 4
Aurora HDR
Looks: Analog Film
Skies: Tropical Skies
Skies: Milky Way Galaxy
Signature Templates/Looks: Extraordinary Landscapes
Templates: Great American Landscapes
Templates: B&W Portrait
Templates: Van Gogh Artistic Collection
Templates: Color Gradient Portraits
Training: Learn Lifestyle Photography with Dan + Chelle
LUTs: Street Vibe LUTs Collection
LUTs: Happy Together LUTs Collection
LUTs: Trendy Style LUTs Pack

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  • +4

    I’ve not had a good experience with Luminar products. The software is not optimised and they keep churning out new versions to make money rather than addressing there issues. The slowness is a known issue. My MacBook M1 Pro. Intel 11th Gen i7 and 31GB RAM struggle.

    • I use Luminar AI or 4 almost every day for REP and portraits. I have a beast of a desktop though so haven't faced any issues, but as with anything graphics heavy, I imagine lesser machines would lag a little. The overall results that I get from using Luminar have been much quicker than when using PS, so I guess you have to weigh up the time it would take to do something in PS vs letting Luminar automate the process.

      • Do you think MacBook M1 Pro 2021 is a lesser machine as well as my other windows desktop with Core i7, 32GB RAM, PCI 4Gen NVME? Skylum refunded me without any arguments when I told them my specs which means they are aware of the issue. Only a handful of powerful PC can somehow work fine with it so its good luck it worked fine for you.

        • Yeah guess I'm in the minority…

    • +2

      Yeap same here with Luminair 4 it was incredibly laggy with my i9 9900K, RTX 2070, 64GB RAM and files on SSD… When I tried to refund they offered a free exchange to their Luminair AI which costs less, don't see how that's a "deal" to exchange one faulty product for a cheaper also laggy one.

      Anyways, back to Lightroom and Photoshop for now

      • By the way do you know Luminar can't even use GPUs so having higher GPU will not improve performance.

        • Requiring >9900k is crazy btw

  • +6

    Anyone who ever paid $936.89 for this, is welcome to purchase my specially formulated bottled air for only $89.95 per idiot

    • I guess it's never been sold as a bundle together with all those items included at a price of $936.89, but I assume people have purchased one or two of the bundled items at those prices. Either way, getting all the extra add-ons for a price that's less than even one of the individual pieces of software is pretty decent I thought.

      • I doubt anyone brought the lot but. The three actual apps go for much less than that price. The bundles being padded by a bunch of ebooks or other materials they typically throw in to help push sales and increase “value”.

        The pre sale price for the 3 apps are
        Luminar AI - 108 aud
        Luminar Neo - $108 aud
        Aurora HDR - 139 aud

        All those products are on sale though through their site for less. Note I can’t find Luminar 4 but it appears to be getting replaced in Feb by Neo I listed above. Based on their other apps I’d assume it’s a paid upgrade.

        The three apps are around $350 all up. I very much doubt anyone has paid $600 more to get all of the other stuff. You’re entering Adobe territory if you’re willing to drop a grand on some editing tools, and they’re apps that get paid upgrades quite frequently.

        • +1

          With all that taken into account, $34.55 is still a bargain for the above programs in my opinion…

    • Ok so unlimited specially formulated bottled air per idiot … $89.95
      That sounds like it might be a great investment in the near future!
      If I buy for five idiots does it come down at all ?

      • You sound like a nice guy..

        I’ll go to $89.90 to help you out

        • +1

          Hmm a true Ozbargainer !

          • @M8TY: 😂😂😂

  • +1

    I read this as Skyrim at first and thought wow Todd Howard really went all in.

  • If I REALLY wanted to pay for photo editing software, why should I get this over Photoshop/Lightroom?

    • I use it as well as both. It has a lot of Automated features that LR doesn't have and does a much better job at the automated processes that PS does (for example sky replacement)

      • Dxo Photolab (has changed names over the years) does what LR can do + Affinity Photo / Photopea(free online)

    • +2

      If you hate subscription models then maybe these are an alternative to Lightroom. I’m not sure they’re really alternatives to photoshop…probably better looking at Affinity Photo for that.

      • +1

        +1 for Affinity Photo

      • Just make sure you buy it direct, not off the Microsoft Store, or it sandboxes it, and Affinity know this and don't give a rats. Their support sucks.

  • Is it good now ? How does it compare with LR ? I tired Luminar 3 a while back and it was too slow.

    • +1

      I use them both. Luminar does a lot more than LR in terms of deep dive editing, automation, AI based editing, but I always start with LR as my base, then select images to 'edit in' Luminar

    • +2

      Same, I tried 3 and then 4, and both programs are slow when opening raw and applying edits (i don't think my laptop is too much of a slouch, i7 9750h, 16gb ram, nvme ssd), kept crashing while editing Sony raw and exporting images out as jpeg. Was hoping the 4 would be better optimised, but no luck. Really wanted to like the Skylum programs, but the issues kept meback.
      So tried capture one for Sony (free too), so much faster cycling thru images, editing and exporting without issue.

      • Yeah, I use it mainly for sky replacement and portrait work as it actually makes portrait edits so much easier!

      • I got 3 free from a previous deal. Looks like it is still free as per this deal.

        • +1

          Luminar link errored

  • Stupid question but is this for a year membership? or lifetime use of everything included in the bundle?

    • From what I can see, it's a lifetime licence, so that would include all the updates for Luminar 4, Luminar AI and Aurora.

    • They sell apps as perpetual licenses, but major pair releases seem to be around every 12-24 months, so fairly frequent if you want to stay up to date.

  • Thanks for the post. I am fine to try for this price. Just purchase it.

  • Newbie question. How does this work? Like if you purchase the bundle, will it stay in your Humble bundle account till you redeem/download it? Or does it have an expiry?

    • I haven’t used HB before so not sure sorry

    • -1

      It usually has an expiry of a year after purchase, I think.

  • MS Paint > PS/Lightroom > Topaz > Skylum > Nothing. They all do slightly different things at different prices but they overlap on the essentials. It's worth a try at the price if you're just starting out or working high volume where quick and jazzy is more valuable than painstakingly manual. They might even be useful as gift keys to the elderly photographer in your life that doesn't want to understand photoshop as they're relatively user friendly.

  • The only usable program from this pack is Aurora HDR. The rest are laggy and the quality is far from good. Lot's of noises, halos and artefacts when viewed in full resolution.

    • Have you tested out the sky swap in Luminar 4/AI? From a real estate photography perspective, it's a big time saver and I find the results are more consistent than Photoshop.

      I also like the portrait photo editing options as the results, when viewed at full resolution and even printed, are really good.

      • +1

        For small resolutions, it will be ok. I sell my images on microstock and Luminars were all rejected for quality

  • I own Luminar 4 and it's infuriating slow. Otherwise what it can do easily is great, particularly on portraits.
    Any idea if Luminar AI is has better performance?

    • I haven’t had issues with either, so probably one of the other commenters can answer in their experience.

  • Bundled offer was supposed to end today, but Humble have extended it for another 14 days.

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