Tesla Cyberquad Quad Bike for Kids $1900USD


Only available in US Store right now for kids or people up to 150lbs

Looks like an interesting move for Tesla, but makes sense since they sell and make everything they need to make it
Already sold out

Max speed 16km/hr
Max Range 24km

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    Looks fun.

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    Borat: Nice!

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    The adult sized Tesla is a bit expensive so I might buy this instead.

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      My thoughts exactly, you can say you drive a Tesla

      • Hahaha, good one! Will definitely impress the ladies.

  • Ordered one. I wonder how many other adults purchased one for themselves?

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      Does it meet with the new AU Quad bike laws with rollbar etc? How will that go thru customs?

      From October 11, it will be illegal to sell a new quad bike unless a rollover protection device is fitted.

      • -3

        It's US only, shipping through a freight forwarder.
        It comes disassembled, I really doubt customs will give me any grief. They didn't seize my Ivermectin, hopefully they don't seize this..

        lol getting the downvotetards already

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        Yes. It meets with the new laws as it’s a kids model.

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    And you can get a non-musk electric quad for like $900. Probably exactly the same under the skin.

    Smacks of car brands dabbling in bicycles with a Kmart bike with a fancy sticker.

  • Awful styling.

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    people up to 150lb

    According to the first search result I saw that is about 68kg.. Not far out of reach for many adults

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    I don’t think these would be legal in Australia, quad bikes now require an anti-rollover device Quad bike roll bars now mandatory

    • Did it apply to toys? Or is there a weight limit for quads that need one? There’s a big difference between a full size quad rolling onto you and one of these light weight toys.

      • You’d have to read the legislation, but I’d expect these would be illegal.


      • I believe it's simply worded "all quad bikes" so IMO this would have to meet the requirements. Moot point anyway given they don't ship outside the US.

        • +1

          I had a read of the legislation. My reading says all quad bikes must have warning labels affixed warning about roll over danger, but the roll over protection bars appear to be only required on type 1 and 2, category G, general use. Doesn’t appear to apply to category S (sport) or the various catergory Y’s (youth)

          Could be wrong, font was pretty small.

          • @Euphemistic: I haven’t read the legislation but your interpretation sounds pretty much like what the guy compliancing the quad bikes for work said .

    • It's a toy. Ship through a freight forwarder from US of A.

  • I'd be getting helmets on those kids quick smart.

    Quad bike accidents at any speed don't normally end well.

    • I just wouldnt buy one..

      adding to the fact theres fk all places to use them these days if you dont have a property

    • -1

      BuT TheIR FrEEdUmZ

  • Tip it over and its a kid slicer

    • Cyberclone quad? Make two kids out of one.

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