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[PC, Steam] Free - Call of Juarez: Gunslinger @ Steam


Flashed up briefly on official Techland webpage.


Expect it to be available on the 10/12 4am AEDT.

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    Excellent game

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    Great game, heaps of fun.

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    Love this game. Played it heaps back when it first came out in 2013 on the 360 and PC.

  • +6

    Always wanted to try this. Bless all these free games

  • +4

    Can confirm this game is awesome.

  • +5

    Great game, which is also supported by GeForce NOW:


  • It was a fun shooter. Not much choice of weapons from memory but lots of fun.

  • Great game, played it through at least a couple of times.

  • +1

    Awesome game by the techland. They do the Dying light games

  • What a fun game to play! Not too serious or complex, but it's fun beginning to end.

  • All I can think about is the Laddergoat video

  • +1

    Played this years ago on… must have been PS3, I think?

    Really enjoyed it. Nothing flashy or fancy, but lots of fun. Well worth playing..

  • Not yet live

    • +4

      Is now.

  • Thanks

  • +1

    Got it.. thanks OP!!

  • +1

    Seen it but never played, from the comments above it sounds like a good game. 1 more free game download coming up.
    Thanx OP

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    I don't know why I keep adding these free games to my library. I'm never going to play them

    • its why people collect things, half the fun is in the acquisition

    • +1

      Claim now. Regret later for missing and not getting.

  • +1

    Got it…thanks! This deal should be bumped as a reminder if it's possible.

  • The best of the series. It's only 6 hours but very replayable. Unlike Cartel which I'll never play again.

  • Got it, thanks!

  • Thanks OP, remember playing a bit of Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood a few years ago, never finished it though. Downloaded and installed this one, looking forward to playing through it hopefully.

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