Segway Ninebot eKickscooter E10 $299 Delivered @ PC Byte

16 km/h Top Speed
10 km Max Range (Actual range varies)
7% Climbing Slope
Push-assisted Technology
Triple Brake System (Electronic Front and Rear Brakes + Press Brake)
IPX4 Water-Resistant 
Battery Included
1 Year Limited Warranty

Deciding between this or the Segway Ninebot eKickScooter C20 for Kids at $399 at JB HiFi

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  • Every time I see a photo of these things with their teeny weeny wheels I have a vision of someone hitting a pothole and flying off into the gutter. How do they handle irregular road surfaces?

    • These are for children to ride on paved footpaths.

      • Definitely for kids with a rating of only 20-60kgs

    • A friend broke an arm on one earlier this week doing just that.

      • Guy at work shattered his leg in 3 places with a scooter. Hard pass for me.

        • Yikes. From hitting the ground? (Not from a collision with another vehicle?)

          • +2

            @dust: He fell and the scooter caught his leg somehow and when he went down im guessing it just bent the leg the wrong way and yeah boom. Has more screws in his leg than Bunnings.

        • This guy was way too heavy for the scooter, we warned him not to.

    • +2

      Same as any scooter.
      Jump, and lift the front as you're about to hit it, and it bounces over.

      Most small wheeled transport modes are not a "passive" transport method.

      You ride a scooter, not get carried by it.

      • +1

        This for sure. Problem is most people that get on these for the first time don't get any instruction, stack it in the first week and think it's not worth it

      • Yep but people will become passive on e-scooters, and they're much heavier too.

  • -1

    They need bicycle wheels t
    On these to be safer and proper suspension

  • +1

    There should be no such thing as a kids e-scooter.

    Bad enough for adults.

    • Yeah but people only 'care' now they're common.

      Nobody batted an eyelid in the very late 90s/early 00s with the chain driven sla models from the likes of razer.

      If parents dont think they're safe, dont buy them for your kids.

      As someone who grew up on acreage, I know people who would argue there shouldnt be a motorcycles for kids under 10, and id say why not? Every kid i knew had one, usually made out of whipper snippers or mowers.

      And if you're worried about small wheels, I had rollerskates too!

      • My reading of that comment was just that it breeds lazy kids, I don't think we was arguing the safety, although that's somewhat of a consideration

        • Lazy and safety. At least on acreage you're not interfacing with anyone or anything

      • I've never seen a powered e-anything in the 90s. You're right.. No difference then vs now

  • I'd go with the C20 for an extra 100 at nearly double the battery capacity as this should give a longer lifetime of the scooter - not just power/distance, etc.

  • I can't see any reason why a child should be using battery assisted bikes scooters whatever unless they are disabled.

    • I mentioned that before but some people still find it useful.

  • 10km is not enough

  • Kids scooter - 20-60kg

  • Do any of these stores (PC Byte, AZAU, Gearbite) actually have stock in hand? have you guys received scooter and what was dispatch time??? Im interested in the Xiaomi Pro 2 in particular

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