Scarpa Delta Gore-Tex Boot Men's $349.97 Delivered/C&C (RRP $499) @ Paddy Pallin


20% off a lot of other Scarpa boots, I'm unsure when the sale ends:
The Terras are quite a popular boot at $280 (20% off), not as hardcore as the Deltas:

The Deltas are often around $425 at other stores, currently on sale for $400 at Wildfire-sport:

Durable, grippy boot made from full-grain leather, ideal for winter trekking and medium-weight backpacking.

I've been using a pair of these in Tassie & NZ for the last 14 months, they've had a bit of a hammering… Due to lots of rocky mountain & highland walking my soles are showing decent wear:
and the Gortex liners have failed, one boot worse than the other, I'm currently going through the warranty process… Even with the issues I've had I'd still recommend them, most people seem to get a good run out of them..

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Paddy Pallin
Paddy Pallin


  • Good boots but I will wait till they run out of some sizes and find a better discount from their ebay store or physical outlet store.

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      I don't think these are a clearance or end-of-line item, so it's unlikely they will go any lower… I haven't seen them below $400 before…

      • Well these boots will certainly last longer than 5 years, if not walking much may even last 10 years+ (goretex may not last that long to keep you dry though). In the last 10 years I somehow always managed to get a good pair that fits me below $250 for their top-of-the-range model, and yes right from Paddy Pallin (local outlet or ebay store), not overseas. Before one pair reach the end of life I always manage to get another pair from them too.

        I think right now they are still selling a pair at $225 on ebay, but only in a very small size.

        The same applies to the top-of-range Osprey backpack, always get it below 50% off.

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    I have “too many” pairs of Scarpa. They are all excellent and sizing runs true across models, but still worth trying on.

    Their outlet stores in Parramatta and somwhere in melbourne have them and other brands, especially in larger 45+ sizes and smaller womens sizes.

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    I used Scarpas for bushwalking for many years and they are indisputably very high quality, look good, durable, and long lasting. Great boots … but … they are heavy and bulky and in my case caused much suffering with blisters. Switched to Salomon trail shoes and never looked back. Infinitely better in my opinion. Much lighter so less fatigue, more comfortable, no break in period, and can walk through streams without taking them off and they dry out on the feet in no time. Don't last as long, but they are a third the cost. Personally I would only recommend full hiking boots if intending to hike through snow.

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      The Deltas did take quite a while to break-in, I had blister issues early on… What I do in Tassie pretty much requires full-grain leather, toe protectors, and such, lots of mud & bogs, rock, scrub bashing, cutting grass, and such, I've looked at trail runner type boots in the past but they're so thin I doubt they would last very long with kicking through the scrub.. A lot of them have so much stitching on them I suspect it would all get cut and the boots would fall apart after a couple of off-track hikes …

      Horses for courses though.. I've been thinking about getting some Merrell Moab 2's for the softer walks… (I've been using old KT-26's for the dry formed track walks)

      Thumbs up to Scarpa and Wildfire-Sports, what great companies… I contacted Wildfire about my 14 month old Scarpa Deltas leaking, they asked for some photos and info, yesterday they said they would replace them under warranty but they didn't have my size in stock, they offered me 3 other types of Scarpas or a refund, I'd like to stick with the Deltas so they gave me a refund… Unusually excellent service…

      Just ordered another pair of Deltas from Paddy :D…

      Edit: What Salomon boots are you using out of interest?

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        I wish I could remember the model but my wife surreptitiously threw them out. Admittedly they looked a bit shabby, but they were still functionally fine, so I was a little peeved about that.

        Based on my usage I'd estimate they're good for about 800 kilometres. Off-track bush bashing was not a problem, but I do use gaiters. They handled abuse better than I expected tbh.

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          All good.. I notice Anaconda have some good discounts on some of their cheaper boots at the moment, I might go try a few on… (I have wide feet so a lot don't fit me well)

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