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Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 3GB/32GB Wi-Fi $197 + Delivery ($0 to Metro Areas/ C&C/ in-Store) @ Officeworks


8.7" TFT LCD display.
3 GB of RAM.
32 GB of storage, expandable up to 1 TB via microSD.
8 megapixel primary camera with 2 megapixel secondary camera and 1080p FHD video.
Connections via Bluetooth 5.0 and WiFi.
Dimensions are 124.7 W x 8.0 D x 212.5 H mm.
Up to 12 hours battery life from the 5100 mAh battery.
Android 11 operating system.
2 year warranty.
Comes with Samsung Kids parental controls to keep younger users safe online.
Lightweight, durable design in grey.

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    Regular price? Was like this last night.

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      They're normally sold for $247 at OW (or $249 elsewhere).

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    While I always appreciate those who make the effort to post, unfortunately this isn't really a deal.

    A quick Google search shows that this is the current price at TGG, JB, HN, Big W, Bing Lee and even direct from Samsung.

    • It is approximately $50 off RRP so it can be considered a deal.

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        Yes, acknowledge that it's cheaper than RPP, (which is why I didn't neg the post), but as it's more or less the same price at many other retailers at the moment, there isn't necessarily a compelling reason why this offering from Officeworks is any better than the others noted earlier. My two cents.

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          Two cents? That’s just a RRP opinion. If this was your one cent it would be a deal (even better with JB price match and discount gift cards).

          No neg tho. Just my Zimbabwean cent.

  • It's cheaper than usual I believe, it's usually $249 RRP.

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    This is $1 cheaper than HN and $2 cheaper than JB, Big W, Bing Lee and the Good Guys.

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      Yep, it's actually pathetic when it comes to these price beat battles. Harvey has been prime for this, doing it by the lowest dollar possible on so many deals. Now we have Officeworks doing the same on Harvey's deal. It might just be me, but in such a situation, I would absolutely go to the store(s) selling at $199 and pay the extra dollar or two (a super small overall % of the price), on what is a one off purchase anyway… Just so the stingey undercutter gets nothing.

      • It's so you can't price beat them if they are the lowest, see comment below.

  • The price has been $249.00 until Sunday when Bing Lee put them on special for $199. Amazon went on Monday to $199 also to match. I got a price beat at Officeworks on Tuesday morning to $189. On Wednesday everyone else jumped in, Amazon went to $198, Officeworks to $197 and the rest around $199. I intend to use mine as an in car, off road navigation system. Run Hema maps etc, can be run split screen, so one map zoomed in and one showing a wider view. It’s big enough to see clearly but not that large it blocks your view. Unlike the wifi iPad it has a built in GPS unit.
    Great buying in my opinion.

  • 32 GB of storage, expandable up to 1 TB via microSD

    Note that you won't be able to actually install any apps onto the microSD card. I'd bought the Tab A7 and returned it for that reason.

    Was very happy with my Tab S6 lite replacement, which happily allows apps on the microSD card.

    • +1

      There is a significant price difference between the Tab A7 and Tab S6 Lite, but agree the Tab S6 is a great value tablet.

      • True. I paid $350-ish for the S6 lite from a deal here, I think. Brilliant tablet for the money. I'd buy a second in a heartbeat if it came up again.

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      You can nominate the storage location for the app on a SD card though can't you? The 2019 models allowed this, most of the app files are on the SD card then….it's a PITA but it does save space on the internal memory.

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        Exactly, I remember 2019 Tab A 10.1 did had a options where you could move app to SD card or even use SD card as internal storage. Surely A7 model should do as well.

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        You can nominate the storage location for the app on a SD card though can't you?

        Nope. No idea why they locked the A7 down like that, but plenty of Google hits on the topic:


        • That's off the list now then. Thanks

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      I have this a7 lite and a lot of my apps are stored on the sd card.
      Are you referring to unlocking developer options and doing it or another way?
      Not all are able to transfer, but majority of the ones I use are on external storage now.

      One annoying thing is when some apps "update", but it's really so they can refresh their settings in your system, so occasionally they will install themselves back onto the Internal storage.

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    1340 x 800 screen for those wondering

  • The 4G version is $350 :( any alternatives?

  • showing as $199 for me

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