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Ozguard 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser 750ml Pump Bottle $2 ($0.27/100ml) @ Woolworths


Living in a regional area, I fall under Amazon's new ban with the shipment of products containing alcohol and therefore went searching for a local physical store and came across Woolworths deals. I see they have already removed the 350mL, but the larger 750mL is still in stock in many stores. I don't believe you add sanitiser to a click and collect order, but the website display's store stock.

Samples of in-stock stores: Inverell, Toormina, Macksville (from the closest 5 stores to me)

Comments on the product: The product smells strongly of ethanol for the first 15 seconds and then leaves a very slight sweet flower smell after that. The product is not sticky or slimy and isn't very viscous. It takes around 30 to completely dry (whiles rubbing) and upon drying leaves a very light feeling of moisturiser. Overall, it's most like the Dettol range.

Mini Travel Bottles (if you need a refill bottle)
Thankyou. Hand Sanitiser For Humanity 30ml was $3.50, Now $1.00
Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer Instant Hand Sanitiser 50ml Was $3.50, Now $1.75

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  • it is on going price, latest batch expires 6/22 so better check in store if you want to get more :)

    • 08/22 on my bottles

  • also, highly recommend as this doesn't smell like Bunnings' cheap one lol

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    If you have a Chemist Warehouse near you then there are some good deals on sanitiser as well


    I do recommend the La Clinica is you can get it.

    • OzGuard is $2/1L, why pay more :)

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        Good smell, Better ingredients, Australian made. Just my preference.

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          you know it's the alcohol that matters :)

          • @webtherapist: For sanitising the hands, perhaps, but if you want to include a decent scent and, perhaps, something gentler on the skin then not so much. All I was doing was highlighting some alternatives if you wanted to try them. Feel free to ignore the entry.

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              @try2bhelpful: Maybe if you didn’t put ‘smell better’ first and stated gentler on skin rather than ‘better ingredients’ then h might have seen you point.
              Must admit I saw ‘smells Bette’ and almost ignored you comment.

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                @FredAstair: To me the scent is important. Some of the sanitisers smell awful. However, I was just giving people alternative options if they are looking for sanitiser. I have no issue with people ignoring my comments. I was just, genuinely, trying to be helpful.

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                  To me the scent is important.

                  There is nothing wrong with the scent on the OzGuard. In fact, it does smell pretty good compared to other cheaper alternatives.

                • @try2bhelpful: Aldi ones smell great I couldn't stop sniffing my hands early on. Aussie made too.

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            @webtherapist: They are both 70% alcohol, so your point is stupid.

            There's nothing wrong with supporting Australian made.

            Have 2 bottles of La Clinica and it is leaps and bounds better than the majority of the made in China crap.

    • Wish CW had Sort by UNIT price!

  • This has been a clearance item for at least 6 months

  • Is this ok with Coke Zero, or is it better with regular Coke?

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