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[VIC] IKEA TREVLIG Induction Hob for $199 (Normally $449) @ IKEA, Springvale


IKEA in Springvale, VIC have the recently-discontinued TREVLIG induction hob for $199 (normally $449). 17 left in stock.

Also 6 discontinued OTROLIG induction hobs, originally $499 down to $199. This model has a large “flex zone”.

If you have solar, rip out your gas and cook while the sunshines.

Or buy 3 and open a restaurant.

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    Install in a table. Instant hot pot

  • Uncle Rodger not happy!

    • Roger*

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        Rodger that Eric with 2 c

  • Does this work with a 10A socket? What's the max power draw?

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      Think it needs 32amps. Needs a dedicated circuit anyway

      • Yes, you can get by with a smaller circuit if needed, by configuring the max power. So it will not allow full power in all zones at once.

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      We just upgraded out kitchen … had bought an induction hob and when the electrician came out to do the prewiring informed us that the mains power from the street wasn't strong enough to be able to support that plus the new ducted heater/aircon that we had recently installed…

      So we ended up returning the hob and getting a gas one (we previously had gas but was going to get rid of it so luckily all the pipework was more or less in the right place)…

      So before purchasing … maybe worthwhile checking with a electrician …

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        I'm not sure what he means by not strong enough. You should have 63A on single phase power and you are not gonna run all 4 cooktop at the same time.

        • Old houses may have much less than 63a supply.

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        Since you had gas, of course your mains wont have enough power for 32 amps, as there was no need for that amperage availability.

        You would need to get an electrician to upgrade your whole system to support it which isn't cheap.

        • Most likely the cable that comes into the house is standard size like, just the point of entry fuse is 30A(?) or the main CB is 30A.

          If it is just the fuse issue it can just be changed over. If it is the cable size from point of entry to main switchboard smaller than 16mm2 (I doubt that) then it can also be changed. 16mm2 should be able to take 63A.

          • @samehada: We were having the whole switch box upgraded at the same time so I believe it was the feed in line from the street…

            To get that upgraded was gonna cost decent money as we had to get the power company out to do the upgrades or something…

            So we didn't bother…

    • I don't think so but I know some of the IKEA induction cooktops your can limit the total wattage. With my IKEA Folklig (now discontinued) I can lower the total wattage to 2.5kw (still above 10amp), I know some other brands can do the same thing, one of the Bosch can lower to just 1kw. Omega has a 10amp plug n play model but of course if you try to use 4 zones at the same time they will share the power.

  • Is this the 3 or 4 hob version?

  • put in the bath, instant hot tub!

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      instant electroboom!

  • Put it in the lawn, instant regret

  • People need to check if their cookware will work with induction cookware. We got a stand-alone single “burner” one and quite a few of my pots don’t work with it.


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    I guess they are all gone. Went to Springvale Ikea and could not see them anywhere … Guess they were in the AS IS corner … all gone :-(

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