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Sukin Deodorant (125ml) $2.78 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


My favourite deodorant (for days where I don’t need an anti-perspirant). Part of the 60% off Sukin Amazon deal.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    How is it compared to Brut?

    • +1

      Nothing compares

    • +2

      only lynx africa compares mate

  • +3

    Ordered before reading the reviews - cancelled

    • -4

      What did the reviews say?

        • Seems like people here are against helping other users. Shame what the community has turned into.

      • +3

        Basically that it doesn't work

        • +4

          4 star average out of 260 reviews. I wouldn’t recommend it for heavy sweaters but I don’t like to constantly block my pores with anti-perspirants (which are absolutely more effective in blocking sweat).

        • +7

          Basically alot of ppl Sukin about this product.

    • +1

      Personally love the smell, it really isn't a deodorant imo, does not do much for body odour…

      Refreshing smell is probably the most accurate one.

    • +1

      It works as far as a wet spray on under the arm, but it doesn’t stop you from sweating. It does however seem to stop bad odor for me

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    I like Sukin, but I do not like their 'deodorant'. It's very mild (meaning it masks only light scents) and runs out fairly quickly. I think it might be better used as a 'refreshener' throughout the day as opposed to a product that specifically fights body odours (which is what a deodorant should do).

    Oddly, it also has that singature Sukin 'tingle' due to the stinging nettle extract (which has no dermatological medicinal uses other than as a gimmick to show that it's 'working'). Why I want my armpits tingling is beyond me.

    • +2

      Seriously stinging nettle extract? Thanks for mentioning it, I have very sensitive skin

    • What? I’ve been using this for years, doesn’t sting me

      • +1

        I'm sure everybody has different skin sensitivity! But yes - nettle extract is one of the main ingredients, and they use it in a lot of their products (I assume to provide that slight tingle when you apply it).

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    Howd you get extra $5 off cart total? what am I missing here?

    • I thought it was weird as well. Try adding 2 of these and a $4.95 50ml Natio shaving gel. My cart said ‘$5 promotion applied’ so I only paid $5.51 for the 3 items.

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    $5 is the promotion you got for buying the Amazon $75 card the other day mate. It is of any order, not Sukin specific.

    • Got it. Thanks for clarifying!

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    (for days where I don’t need an anti-perspirant).

    I'm not sure I have those days…

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