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ONE80 Bristle Dartboard, Surround & 6 Darts Set Christmas Sale $160 Delivered (Was $209.99) @ Darts Direct


ONE80 Bristle Dartboard, Surround & 6 Darts Set

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Prepare for a ton of fun with this hand selected gift pack. Includes a quality bristle dartboard, Red PU Dartboard Surround and a set of 6 steel darts. Whether for you, a family member or a friend, this pack has all the gear you'll need to get you started and have a ton of fun! This set comes with mounting bracket for easy setup! See Photos.

Topscore Bristle Dartboard

A great all-round board for both amateurs and pros, the Achiever is a brilliant mid range dartboard that will self heal due to its Brazilian Sisal, meaning it will last for years of regular use.

Dartboard Surround

This is a high quality dartboard Surround with a sleek looking design sure to suit any games room and fit snug with any standard dartboard.

Dimensions: Outer: 700mm dia x Inner: 460mm dia. x Depth: 33mm dia
PU – Polyurethane – Injectoin Moulded Protection Ring
High Density Material Holds Dart Points Securely
Protects surrounding area from surface marks and Damage
Suitable for 45.72cm (18”) Bristle Dartboards with no fixings required
1 Piece
Steel Darts

6 x Brass/Steel Tip Darts - from our One8 Darts Collection

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  • +1

    Can finally replace my inflatable dart board

  • +1

    Sounds like a hit and miss present.

  • How does ONE80 stack up to say Unicorn or Winmau?

    • what even makes a good dart board?

      • +2

        Bristle vs cork at a basic level, but then stuff like wiring (better boards won't use staples which waste space) and general build quality.

        In general - you want a board where your darts have lowest chance of bouncing out, and ideally maximise hittable area (while still being regulation). Some ppl will complain about "dead spots" too depending on the construction.

        And then there's some cosmetic stuff - numbers/brand/vibrant colour

        I managed to pick up a Unicorn Eclipse Pro from cash converters for next to nothing - but am hardly up to date on what's out there.

    • One80 Gladiator 3 are awesome boards. This one with round wires is a pass from me.

  • WInmau Blade series boards are great.
    And you want tungsten darts, not cheap brass.

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