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Jetech 13mm Ratcheting Combination Wrench $6.39 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ AU Store-V via Amazon AU


QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Heat treated Chrome Vanadium Steel and polished surface ensure durability and resistance to corrosion
5 DEGREE MINIMAL WORKING SWING - 72-tooth racheting 12 point box end allows efficient working with a 5 degree swing
SMOOTH RATCHETING GEARS - High strength ratcheting mechanism enables wrench to handle strong torque.
LIFETIME WARRANTY - Buy with confidence with Jetech's lifetime manufacturer warranty. Terms and conditions apply.

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  • +5

    Oh great 13mm

    10mm $5.59

    • +4

      where's the link can't find it.

  • +9

    Glad it's not a 10mm, anything that size disappears into the Bermuda Triangle rather quickly.

    • +1

      10mm of anything should in packs of 10

  • +5

    Even though this seems like a random deal, I have a few of their ratchets and it's good quality

    • Before you bought did you compare to other brands? Could you suggest something of comparable quality? I've been thinking of getting the toolpro ones from supercheap

      • +1


        I use Wera wrenches.

        I haven't personally used any other comparable brands sorry.

        The Jetech is a made of Vanadium, which should be strong enough for your needs.

      • +1

        Check out Bahco too

  • 10mm also in stock

    • link?

  • -1

    What's the bargain ?

    • I couldn't find any better price online for this size. Please feel free to share a better deal if you have

      • +1

        thats cause nobody uses 13mm

        • +6

          I would like to disagree there.

          Its used heaps in manufacturing and building construction.

          I'm an engineer.

        • +2

          Used plenty in my job 🔧

        • +1

          If you buy any of those goldy coloured Champion packs of bolts the head is usually 13mm. Plenty of the rando bolt packs at Bunnings are also

        • +1

          13mm is very common on classic Euro cars (e.g BMW).

          • +1

            @Cyan9: 8mm bolts in JIS have a 12mm hex. That's what's usually on Japanese cars. Others you buy at a bolt place or hardware have a 13mm hex. Very common as stated.

  • -2

    13mm….. the most useless metric size for automotive bolts.

    • +18

      For automotive use it's not commonly used but for things around the house and garden, a lot of things use imperial and 13mm is the closest to 1/2 inch which is very common. I've found that I use it a lot with the garden tools, lawn mower and random bolts around the house.

      • +1

        can confirm, have many cars but 13mm lives in kitchen

      • yep, bunnings coach bolts still imperial and although the head is round, the nut is still hex and imperial ……

    • +3

      Battery terminals!

      • +1

        Sparky tip: You might want insulate the tool with electrical tape if you are using for battery terminals

        • +2

          Nah, I love undoing battery terminals quickly and smacking the back of the spanner onto the other battery terminal. Or undoing the positive terminal and hitting any metal part of the body. Keeps you on your toes.

        • I'll have you know I enjoy shitting myself when I accidentally arc the battery to the frame.

    • I would say that 18mm is actually the least used. It was in my experience anyway.

  • Interesting

  • +2

    This suitable for road rage? Asking for a friend.

    • +1

      Go for 26

    • Are they nuts? What size?

    • cricket bat is an Ozzie's weapon of choice

      fits nicely under the front seat, and is indispensable in close quarters skirmish

      decent drags, powerful stabs and fantastic reach.

      highly recommended

  • +1

    10mm OOS

  • -1

    Can this un-tighten bolts as well or only tighten?

    • +16

      It can only do either. Which one you get is random so it's a gamble.

      • Colour picked at random.

      • +2

        Just make sure you get the right handed model if you are right handed…..

      • Using your left hand can help

    • +1

      You can't do both at the same time.

    • +4

      You just flip the wrench on the other side to go the opposite way (clockwise/anticlockwise)

  • +7

    If you can dodge a ball…

  • i need 10mm, it disappears and im not even a freaking magician.

  • Is it left handed or right handed?

    • +7


    • Cack-handed

    • It's one or the other

    • Lefty lucy, Righty tighty..

  • +1

    Came for the 10mm comments.

    Not disappointed.

  • If you are going to spend $6.39 on 1 piece, why don’t you just spend $19.90 for a set of 5 at Bunnings?


    • +1

      some people just want specific sizes, like me

    • +5

      quality. buy once, save $, less waste

      • specially with spanners/sockets etc

    • The craftright stuff is the lowest grade they have.

      At least go the Trojan brand.

    • Because as much as I don't know this "Jetech" brand I still wouldn't waste my money on some Craftwrong products.

      • amazon seem to have quite a few brands we do t see on shelves in australia like the jetech ….recently bought some max plower e-torx for a specific task …. walls were thicker than expected but at the price it was worth trying …… jetech is one of those brands i also see often on amazon , would be interesting to try as it’s not as big an investment as some brands and metallurgy isn’t magic now days …though precision and finish is now the challenge….with din and ansi sing 2 standards to look for …..yes european din is a tighter tolerance than american ansi….

    • with craftright need to check if vanadium or just. carbon steel when buying tools ….i use their vanadium screw drivers with no issues……

      • Additionally, with Craftright, pick tools that have zero moving parts.

        Bought and used a Craftright stubby ratchet a couple of times before the screws holding it together came loose and the mechanism fell apart. Should have pre-tightened the screws before each use 🙄. Never could put it back together…

  • This would be handy for rooftop tenters - all their bolts are M8. I can't seem to find the 13mm anywhere on the link though!

  • If you aren't in a hurry, just get the double ratched spanners from Ali:

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