Mercedes GLB or Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 22?

Hi all, currently juggling between these two cars. Looking basically for a 5+2, but not a full 7 seater SUV.

Honestly, I've been eyeing my first Merc for a while, GLB seems to fit the bill & spec (not for investment lol). However, recently noticed the new Outlander PHEV is pretty good looking, has good specs, and comes with 10 years warranty + capped servicing. I had a Mitsubishi Lancer for a long time. It's always been reliable, even with the family's old old Pajero, so always have a soft spot for Mitsubishi. Hell, even all my AC in the house are Mitsubishi lol

Merc is probably going to cost 10-30k more than the Outlander PHEV, but is it worth that extra money? I could probably buy outright for Outlander, but will probably go for finance since the interest is so low these days. Is Merc just the luxury factor? Or will it provide better reliability in the long term to justify the higher cost (all about "buy it right buy it once")? Not to mention, Merc will attract luxury car tax too. Or should I avoid PHEV due to any potential past issue?

Also, I have a registered company too. Is it better to buy a brand new to claim immediate asset deduction? or ok with just buy near new second-hand/demo? To be honest, I was never a "buy new car" person, as the depreciation just doesn't make sense. But my other half is probably leaning towards new seeing we've been working so hard in our company in the last few years, and deserve something to spoil ourselves.

Appreciate your input in any way! Thanks!

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  • From my personal perspective when I buy a luxury brand (with the exception of say a G-Wagon or maybe an uncommon sports car) ie; run of the mill Audi/Mercedes/BMW is to buy new and get a warranty, keep it until the warranty is nearly through (max 3-4 years) and dump it. Generally a mid-spec car or for example in the Audi range the SQ5 has strong resale. They will all depreciate but you want to make the repairs someone else's problem.

    With the coming tides in road tax changes a PHEV seems like the worst of both worlds, (I see you're in WA, but for example in Vic even PHEVs are now taxed per km).

    Nothing wrong with a luxury brand contrary to the OzBargain stigma, just pick something you are truly happy with. WRT depreciation and deductions speak to your accountant. Your GST refund will be limited to 1/11th of the new car limit.

    First you need to decide do IF you want a luxury car or not? Ultimately it's just a car and you aren't bound for life with it. Second, the new MB sales model is fixed pricing, so be prepared just to suck it up.

    • I get the argument against PHEV but then again all the other states are somewhat supportive of them and are only introducing the per-km taxation by 2027 at the earliest.
      Seems more like the Dictator Dan government is short on money more than anything.

      They have however, recently proposed introducing a pay-per-km for all road users in replacement of the now shrinking fuel tax receipt they get distributed and want to charge everyone by distance based amounts. This would eliminate the 42c p/l Fuel tax (thereby decreasing pump prices like in NZ for diesel) and allow for a direct taxation method by the Victorian government.
      Would expect something based on weight but would expect it to probably start off at 5c per km and scale up from there (based off avg car 7-10L/100km, they'd collect $2.94 - 4.20 per 100km in taxes based on Fuel Tax). They expect collections to fall over the coming few years so would probably inflate this to a min of 5c per km to recoup shortfalls.

      This would in effect hopefully serve to contribute to further migration to PHEVs/EVs but would have some side effect of allow for some cars to slip through the cracks (smaller/lighter sports cars/ v8 sedans / lighter 4x4s) as their fuel consumption would generally be above average which distance-based taxation would ignore. Further, this would discourage conservative driving habits across the whole fleet of vehicles as fuel would become cheaper and people would be less cautious about their consumption figures. I definitely would be more of a lead foot and would certainly participate in more track days/ 4x4 journeys if petrol became quite cheaper

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    Add a poll

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      Good idea! Done!

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    Talk to your accountant. A tsunami is brewing in the auto industry.
    My bet: Merc will merge with BMW to counter VW and of course that rebel that killed trees in Berlin and now fights the greenies for every drop of water.
    Mitsi will be just a small fading name in a pool of dabblers. No personality, no technology in numbers.

    • Mitsi will be just a small fading name.

      Maybe, part of the Renault-Nissan alliance

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    Merc. Get it out of your system. Sell it before warranty expires.

  • Go drive the Octavia RS wagon 👍

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    Go the merc. The interior just feels that much nicer.

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    Here's a list of cons I've experienced with the GLB:
    - Mercedes Me periodically disconnecting from phone
    - 4G Hotspot doesn't work for me
    - Wireless charger doesn't fit the Samsung S20 Ultra
    - Android Auto and Car Play have black bars
    - Using Auto Parking sounds like it's going to break the transmission
    - Had an incident where the SOS button randomly popped out of its socket
    - Lane Keep assist is not smooth
    - Using built in nav is slow when searching for location

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      So just first world tech issues.

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      Using Auto Parking sounds like it's going to break the transmission

      Please explain :)

      • there's a loud crunching noise when it autobrakes, it doesn't use the main brake

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      OP, if your use case is to just drive enough people around. These aren't problems. :)

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      You bought a Merc and you didn't bought a iPhone??????

  • Get the merc. It will certainly drive nicer.

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    Whatever you do, do not buy a Merc. From a reliability standpoint, they're the worst.

    • Compare to Tesla or Mitsubishi lol

    • At least you get to thrash the loaner cars when you’re in for service.

      I always ask for the most expensive one because I’m considering “upgrading”. Sometimes with the euro brands depending on what you’re bringing in for service you might get something fun. Sometimes it’s just a cramped X1 with the worst colour scheme. Sometimes it’s an X5M.

      Also this is why you don’t buy a demo car.

    • Do share more please..

      • This is speaking from personal experience. I have owned two Mercedes in the past. Never again. It's a money pit once they're out of warranty. So if you are planning on keeping it long term, don't do it.

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    I've got something in common with OP as I've got a GLA. In terms of spoiling, I'd say get the GLB, but make the repairs someone else's problem. As many rightly said, the interior of the GLB is light years from the Mitsu. Weren't Mitsubishi close to bankrupt a few years back?

  • Nothing desirable about modern day Mercs. They are overpriced, ostentatious rubbish. But.. still a million times better than a Mitsubishi. If I were you, go and look at the new 3008 plug in hybrid. Sumptuous interior, nice styling, 5 year warranty and these days reliability is great.

    • Interesting argument, but heard nothing but bad things about Renault and Peugeot, European cars. Unfounded? Styling wise, unfortunately the new outlander still edge out for me, but guess that's more personal thing

  • Also, I have a registered company too. Is it better to buy a brand new to claim immediate asset deduction? or ok with just buy near new second-hand/demo?

    You can buy a second hand/demo car and still claim the asset deduction (temporary full expensing) - just did it last week. I bought myself another old project car to work on, next year will be a new(er), "reliable"car for my wife. Also will be purchasing that one using temporary full expensing - it's too good to not utilise the scheme.

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    If it helps, I have a 2014 PHEV with 150 000km that hasn't missed a beat. Before that had a 2008 Outlander that got used extensively off road with beach, mud, rocks and it also never required nothing more than a service. RAA roadside agent said the cars are bullet proof and never seen one fail to date. The only issue with the PHEV is the battery is too small for the output being drained from it. Plus it only has air cooling. If you drive up steep hills, or at freeway speeds under electric (and it's hot weather), expect the battery range to rapidly decline. I've had my battery replaced by Mitsubishi under warranty, but that's under the old warranty scheme that doesn't apply to 2017+ PHEVS.
    Drive the car at 50 -60km/h, and petrol for the rest, and it's basically the best/ most versatile car on the road bar none. 700km range, electric/ petrol, 4wd ability, can tow etc etc.

    If you are in Victoria, then your government is a total muppet show. There is a go fund me challenging that stupidity/ negligence.

    As for Mercs. My old man likes Mercedes. Their ML caught fire going up a steep freeway. Something to do with an injector blowing out and dumping fuel throughout the engine bay. But it was a diesel, so must have been a flame present as well, dunno. It came down to fatigue in a part that shouldn't fatigue.

    So with insurance, replaced it for a new GL. That now has a dead left side Airbag (suspension), and something sticking intermittently in the engine. Plus all the first world B grade electric issues. It's done around 50 000km.

    • But it was a diesel, so must have been a flame present as well, dunno.

      Correct. You dunno.

      • Yeah, diesel shouldn't burn, but the whole engine bay went up on the side of the road…so a bit of a mystery to me.

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          Diesel's auto ignition temperature is 210 Celsius, the hot side of a turbo in a turbo diesel can hit over 500 Celsius regularly, especially working up a hill. If an injector let go under the bonnet they were lucky the bonnet didn't blow off, it's essentially a fuel air bomb.

  • Just get a petrol Outlander.

    • Good intro to EV.. once youve tried an electric motor, you ain't ever going back.

    • Thought of just petrol, but also thinking it could be a good transition to full electric in 10 years time

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    The GLB is not made in Germany, so i dont consider it Luxury. Its for the PLEBS.

    The New Mitsi looks good on the tv ad. Would never own one.

    • I didn't know that! My GLA was made in Germany.

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        GLB is made in Mexico.

      • Depending on the model GLA 200 isn't I think, 250 is. Could be same with the GLB. GLA 250 is a nice car tho.

    • Why never Mitsu?

  • If your daily travel fits in the range of the electric drive of the Outlander and you have off street parking for charging it would seem a no brainer to me. Why buy a depreciating status symbol when you can get something that will cost next to nothing in fuel.

  • Why the hell is a Mitsubishi and Mercedes being compared? Lol.

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      They both start with the letter M

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      Similar price and quality.

  • Mercedes GLB, built in Mexico
    Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, built in Japan.

    • Didn't know that.. For this reason alone, it's almost certainly mitsu.

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