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$6 off $15+ Non-Cash Orders from "Delivered by Restaurant" Venues (Pick-up or Delivery) @ Menulog


Another day, another Menulog code…

Only works for the restaurants that deliver themselves (not delivered by Menulog). You can use the filter to search for ‘Delivered by Restaurant’

Breakfast, lunch, dinner or late-night meals… Whatever, whenever, enjoy $6 off* EVERY DAY until the boss tells us to stop.

* This offer won't last forever! $15 min spend (service fees not included). Only valid with orders made at 'Delivered by restaurant' venues. Not valid with McDonald's, Hungry Jack’s or KFC orders. Single redemption. CC payments only.


  • You can pick your order up, to avoid paying delivery & service fee.
  • You can preorder the next day at most restaurants.

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    You can use the filter to search for ‘Delivered by Restaurant’

    I don't see "Delivered by Restaurant" filter. Am i missing something?

    • Seems they have removed it from the website, but its still available on the app

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        I tried using the filter on the app yesterday and it was showing me all restaurants..

        The only way was to complete an order to the payment screen and attempt to apply the code to see of it worked.. :/

    • +3

      You can also 'hack' the filter in via changing the URL.

      So do a normal search for your address, and it'll look something like this:


      Update the URL to this:


      You'll know it works if it says

      X open restaurants match "Restaurant Delivery"

      • doesn't work :(

        • What do you see when you click 'copy code' under offers page?

          It takes me to a page with the filter already set for my address.

      • Legend

    • They have not removed it just moved it, it is no longer found under the 'filters' section, it is now found under the Cuisines section as 'Restaurant Delivered'.

      Guess the voucher was too popular so they had to bury and rename the filter in an illogical place amongst food types…

    • I’ve complained to Menulog about this. They claim that it seems to be an app error and are investigating, but seems like they are trying to make it more difficult for users to redeem the code to me.

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    I just noticed this is full day and no longer need to be 4pm till 7pm?

    • Been couple of weeks now

      • Whys that??

        • When it was 4-7pm, they used to give a code for each timezone. Now with the all day code, they only need to give one code.

          • +1

            @skd100™: The restaurant that I usually order from have increased the prices

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