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Buy a $200 or More Christmas Special Smart eGift Card and Get a Bonus $10 Christmas Smart eGift Card @ Prezzee


The Offer will commence at 9:00am AEDT on Monday, 6th December 2021 and finish at 5:00pm AEDT on Monday 13th December 2021 OR until stocks run out (1,000 Eligible Purchases have been made), whichever comes first.

To be eligible for the bonus AUD$10 Prezzee Smart eGift Card (the Offer) you must purchase a specifically marked Prezzee Christmas Smart eGift Card with AUD$200 of value or higher via the Prezzee website located at www.prezzee.com.au (Eligible Purchase).

If eligible for the Offer, your $10 Prezzee Smart eGift Card will automatically be sent to the email address of the person purchasing the eGift Card as a separate email within 3 hours of the Eligible Purchase.

This Offer is strictly limited to the first 1,000 Eligible Orders only.

There are also offers on the following gift cards:
AUD $100 THE ICONIC eGift Card and get a bonus $20 THE ICONIC eGift Card;
AUD $100 Netflix eGift Card and get a bonus $10 UberEats eGift Card;
AUD $150 Adrenaline eGift Card and receive a bonus $15 Adrenaline eGift Card;
AUD $100 City Beach eGift Card and receive a bonus AUD $10 City Beach eGift Card;
AUD $100 Veronika Maine eGift Card and receive a bonus $20 Veronika Maine eGift Card.

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  • +4

    Can Swap it to Wish / Amazon / Coles Giftcard and many others.. Works out it's a 5% discount

    • +18

      It's 4.76% discount.

      • Oh Yes, because I have to spend $200 first, it's not an instant rebate. Thanks for that :)

      • +6

        smart birdie

  • How do you know when the 1000 gift cards have been exhausted?

    • +2

      When the 1000 eligible purchase target has been reached, Prezzee will take down the page. If you are able to see the page and make an order, you should get the $10 bonus gift card.

      Having said that, a number of OzBargainers are quite salty with Prezzee after they bungled one of their Black Friday promotions, leaving some waiting for days for their gift cards (or a refund).

  • +2

    After the Woolworths $50 + $5 stuff up with them. No thanks!

    • +4

      They sent the $5 card a few days later.

    • What was the issue again? Can you please remind?

      • Paid via PayPal and they charged ur card, but ur order didn’t exist in their system. Was eventually fixed, but it wasn’t worth the hassle for a free $5.

        • I see.. I must have bought more than 30 cards from Prezzee so far.. Every time it's been a smooth experience.

  • +13

    Bonus $20 gc or no deal.

  • Anyone bought yet? Double up bonus?

  • +4

    Bought one, single bonus card received as expected.

  • +1

    Now I am waiting for comments like "hey I received 2x$10 bonus"

    • +1

      Highly unlikely, that was a combination of a unique link/GC like this one and a code. With no code this time there's really no chance of double dipping.

  • Thanks OP. Bought one and this time the gift card and bonus came through almost instantly. Paid with Paypal.

  • +1

    I’m still using the $5 off $100 Prezzee Smart gift cards with unique coupons resent after each purchase. Better deal than this. Eg 5% off not 4.76% off. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/669115

    • +1

      I wonder if you could use one of the unique codes from that $5 off deal and apply it to this deal.

      I doubt it would work, considering the deal you linked to is for the Prezzee Smart eGift Card, whereas this deal is for a Prezzee Christmas Special Smart eGift Card, but who knows, maybe Prezzee has not programmed this Christmas gift card or the unique codes correctly…

      • +2

        I tried it just now as I was saving mine until the next bonus offer like this came up. Doesn't work. Returns error "This code is not valid" when trying to apply the code.

  • +2

    5%. How do they do it!!!

    • I think it depends on which GC you are going to swap
      Currently most of the GC in shopback GC portal only have 2% cashback
      4.76% is technically doubled

      • Whooosh!!!

  • straight after buying this one I get another email with $5 off $100. Considering these can be swapped for amazon, coles and woolies, I'll take as many as I can get.

    • How did you get that?

      • Me too, they just keep emailing the code..no idea if it is a glitch but all worked fine..

        • I have gotten several of these by logging into my account and then purchasing as a gift for someone. Then they send another code to buy for me maybe. Is that what you have been doing?

          • @Yola: I bought all for myself, very selfishness I know, lolz

        • seems like every time I buy another $100, they send me another code for another $100… got 5 now since the initial $200…

          • +1

            @Frozensage: Did anybody read the terms and conditions! Ends 28Feb2022.

            “ Consumer customers opted in to receive marketing emails from Prezzee can receive up to five promotional codes of $5 off a Prezzee Smart eGift Card of $100 or more on prezzee.com.au throughout the promotional period.”

            • +1

              @Coops1: got more than 6 now… got 2 $5 off $50 and 4 $5 off $100

              • +1

                @Frozensage: Why would you bother with 5/100 when you get $5 off $50?

              • @Frozensage: What exactly did you do to get $5 off $50. I have only had that off $100. Did you log in or buy as a guest? Buy for you, as a gift or as Santa? Thanks.

  • Cool

  • +1

    Ok so I usually get giftcards from shopback and once redeemed I click "mark as used" and they disappear, but you can find them again in the purchases section. With Prezzee however once you delete them they're gone forever so just be careful - I deleted a few ebay ones the other day right after redemption and realised the order was still "processing" on ebay when I went to double check, luckily after about 20min I received the confirmation but it would've been a disaster if the order didn't go through. I realised there is no way to find the giftcards again once deleted - even if they were purchased from your account.

    • The normal gift cards show up in your wallet I believe. The bonus is emailed to you so be careful not to delete those.

      • +1

        Yeah they all end up in your wallet but when you delete them, they're gone - even if you find the email the link won't work again.

    • +1

      If you accidentally deleted one of the gift cards, you can send out an email to their customer care. They will be able to add it back to your wallet

      • I guess that might work. Just a pain in the a$$ lol..

  • +2

    I don't bother for 5% unless I'm going to use the gift cards immediately

    • +1

      Me neither but have a new credit card for which I have to spend $3k on so just did it.

  • The Bunnings buyers will wipe it out fast and it will get them a couple planks of wood .

  • -1

    bought the giftcard yesterday .. But haven't received the 10$ gift card …not authentic

    • +2

      Have you checked the spam mailbox? Sometimes the bonus card email would go to spam.

    • I have purchased hundreds of GC's from Prezzee. Definitely authentic.

  • Yes, I did check spam mailbox .. haven't received it :(

    • The bonus usually comes through immediately. I received mine before the main gift card came through. If you didn't get any error when ordering I suggest contacting their support.

  • I purchased a $200 card Prezzee card

    I did not receive the $10 promotion

    • Look in Junk.

    • +1

      What type of Prezzee card did you purchase? Prezzee Smart eGift Card? Prezzee Christmas Special Smart eGift Card? Something else?

  • Hello. I looked in junk but there is no email. They do not have a \ contact number.

    • There is an online chat.

  • Online chat is virtual bot. Cannot find a human to talk to

    • You would think the bot would put you through or give you options.

  • Hello. Virtual bot has sent email to prezzee. Not sure how long they will take to respond

    • +1

      Good luck. I have purchased hundreds of GC from them, one time I made a mistake with an email address and they resent the card. Do you have any codes for this deal?
      At least you will know immediately that you get the discount as you only pay $95.

  • -1

    this is my second prezzee purchase. no email confirmation, no gift card and no bonus gc. i chose not to setup a new user account.
    contacted customer support via the virtual bot. but no response at all
    doing a charge back

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