AS UGG Unisex Buckle Sandals Oak $28 (Was $110) Delivered @ UGG Express

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Get summer ready with our Oak Sandals! With adjustable buckles, PVC top and comfortable design, these flats are equally perfect for the shops as they are for the beach.


Brand: Australian Shepherd

Cork is a natural, lightweight, resilient, and shock-absorbent material.The middle cork layer of the under sole will provide the maximum comfort.

    Comfortable design
    Cushioned cork sole trimmed with EVA rubber base and suede top
    Genuine PVC upper 
    Adjustable buckles
    Double straps for added comfort
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  • +21

    Genuine PVC upper

    • +1

      Any idea where you can get faux PVC? From a tannery perhaps?

      • +1

        *Faux Tannery? using PVC cows?

        • +1

          Thought I could smell something funny!

    • Nothing to laugh at…It comes as a shock to a lot of people when they find out exactly what the popular Louis Vuitton handbags are made of

      • +1

        I think they call those 'vegan leather' rather than PVC.

  • +5

    110 rrp …you must be dreaming mate!

    • I agree and you could get similar styles (non leather) from Kmart for 15$

  • bugger, they don't have in "man" size - well, not big enough for my clown feet

  • +3

    Not related to this post, but in the context of pricing, who is that smart person in your firm who decided on a pencil sharpener @170$ ! And even on sale, $39 for a pencil sharper.

    You should go back and study 101 basics of sales.

    • +1


  • Lel, get that RRP outta here.

    $15 every day of the week for these at kmart

    Get birkies for another $50 from Kogan and you won't need another pair for 5 years.
    Plus they'll be far more comfortable.

    • Get birkies for another $50 from Kogan


      • +2

        Oof called my hand


        • Cheers.

          On this, does anyone know where to buy good quality leather European/US shoes in Aus? I mean anything from sneakers, to casuals, etc

          It seems the only thing you can buy in Aus (at least in most common stored) is basically crap.

          • @bboz: RM Williams are some of the best leather boots in the world ;)

            Everything else is covered by international brands. Sperry etc.

    • If you want the 'look' just get Kmart.

      If you want Birks because they are comfortable it's mostly from the
      - moulded footbed shape (copied by everyone)
      - cork footbed that'll continue to mould to your feet over time - most copycats just have a cork sticker/paint on the edge
      - leather lining helps too

      2/3 isn't bad, especially including delivery.

  • +1

    That's the wife's Xmas present sorted. Thanks op.

    • +6

      what are you getting from her? a divorce?

      • +3

        Was about to say the same thing

  • Beware of old men who wear these !

    Don’t accept their lollies or get in their vans

    • +1

      or drive volvos

    • Hey, that's my dating strategy!

  • These will go great with my walk socks and Stubbies work shorts. Ladies here I come.

  • +1

    Jesus H. Christ has entered the chat.

  • +1

    now we just need a deal on white socks

  • Linus approved….

  • Ownership: Australian
    Brand: Australian Shepherd
    Made in: China

  • found the sheepskin ugg boots great value and great quality at $38 when on special as they have an outdoor sole, but PVC uppers on sandals puts it in the aldi / rivers/ kmart sandal product range which are cheaper …..

  • Need 2300 pairs for my upcoming Sword and Sandal movie…..

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