Help Me Choose 2nd Hand GPU

So I am after a 2nd hand graphics card to replace my 1060 3GB (which isn't cutting it due to the lack of VRAM)
The best options at the moment seem to be:
1080ti 11GB: $700
1650 Super 4GB: $320
1060 6GB: $300

Not sure if the 1080ti is overkill and if it is worth risking $700 on a 2nd hand card that is so old when I plan on building a new PC in the next year or two anyway. I'm stuck on i7-4790 w/ 16GB 1600mhz DDR3 ram for now and will put my current 1060 3gb into another PC with an i5 4570 so it has a good pairing


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    None of those if you're building a new PC in a year or two. Waste of money on overpriced second hand cards.

    Assuming this is for gaming, just lower the settings to suit VRAM requirement. People game on lesser cards than 1060 just fine.

    • I'd do that but many games stutter too much and my GPU usage is often too high compared to CPU usage. I'm stuck playing games like CS/Fortnite instead of Halo Infinite/Warzone as a result (Both of which require more VRAM)

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    Why waste $700 on a 1080ti. May as well put that $700 towards a 3060ti at least it is brand new and quality is guaranteed.

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      Or spend that $700 on a PS5 or XSX.
      Keep the current GTX 1060-3GB and Gaming PC.
      Best of both worlds <insertwhynotboth.gif>

  • Upgrading from a 1060 3gb to a 1060 6gb was not worth it even back when GPUs were cheap. I actually upgraded from the same a few months ago to a 2nd hand 1080ti and play Halo infinite on 1440p 165hz. It worked out but I regret not waiting a little longer for a well priced 3060ti for better features (DLSS) and future resale value.

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