discount on optus recharge?

anyone know the place that give discount on optus recharge? $30 recharge. can't find on ebay so far



    Try Coles express. They usually run some promotions eg 10% off. They recently run 2 $30 recharge for $50 - saves $10.

    Otherwise Woolies offers 10% extra recharge value (extra value is useful for calling landlines and expires in 30 days).

    I use Optus too.

    BTW if you have more phones in the house you could share the recharge values. My daughter is on a 6 month validity plan. I transfer $10 each month for her out of my recharge. That works well for us.


    anyone know the place in sydney that currently selling optus prepaid voucher with discount?


    anyone know any sale for optus recharge?


    I always buy mine from ebay, there's this seller that sells the $30 recharge for $27. Or if you pay by netbank instead of Paypal, he'll do $26 for the $30 recharge

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