Cheap Sim Only Mobile Option for 11 Year Old

Our 11 year old is starting to ride around the neighourhood with his mates from school, and I can see it being a daily occurence. I'd like to chuck a sim in an old phone, for him to keep with him so we can see where he is and call him.

So I need minimal data, and just needs to work over summer - so 45-60 days.

Any suggestions?


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    There is a completely free 28 Day plan from Amaysim that you can take advantage of. Once the 28 days is over it'll renew at $12 for another 28 days. You can cancel auto-renewals at any time.

    Some users have reported getting a 80% off renewals for the next 6 months so it is possible that you may only pay $2.40 per renewal for the next 6 renewals

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    Aldi pay as you go sim is $5 in store or online & will receive calls for 365 days regardless if you have any credit or not.

    Turn off data on your phone to make the credit last longer.

    • "so we can see where he is" - how can they do that if the data is off?

  • Which network are you currently with? It might be cheap to share data with a 3rd SIM card in a family plan

    • I'm with Optus


    This one is pretty good too, if you need to use data, Otherwise for a 11 yr old really shouldn't need that much data, and probably be fine with Free Amaysim plan mentioned at 1st comment ( with no renewal price payed amaysim plan should remain active at least 6months for incoming Texts, and calls)

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