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Huion Kamvas 13 Pen Display from A$329 + Free Shipping Site-Wide @Huion Official Store


Discount: 10% off +Free Shipping (Ship from AU)
Link: https://store.huion.com/au/products/kamvas-13
Valid Time: Dec. 6th 00:00 - Dec. 26th 23:59:59
Up to 30% off & Free Shipping Site-wide

Kamvas 22 the original price is AUD $699, now only AUD $629 delivered>>
Kamvas Pro 12 the original price is AUD $459, now only AUD $349 delivered>>

Buy Kamvas Pro 24(4K) Free Shipping & Get One Inspiroy Ink H320M for Free valued at A$133.99

More products for sale >> https://store.huion.com/au/pages/christmas-sale

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    10% off is not a great discount.

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    The Kamvas Pro is $329 with the stand on Amazon AU via the Huion store VS your $379 "sale price" via your site.

    It's $296.32 without the stand on Amazon AU via the Huion US store VS your $349 "sale price" via the site.

    Both with free shipping with Prime (Under $7 without). Explain how it's $50 cheaper normal price via your store on Amazon than it is on "sale" via your site.

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      Also $303.20 for the Kamvas 13 on Amazon.

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      This is the Huion Official Store, Authentic security, total product quality control for peace of mind.You can request our Return & Refund Service within 30 days from date of purchase or 7 calendar days of receiving a product. Huion Official Store will be the first to launch new products.If you have any questions aout the sale, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. Have a nice day~

      • You get the same on Amazon (with easier returns) and I'd assume, the same level of support for your customers via your storefront there too, no?

        Either way, you still didn't address why your "sale price" on your site is $50 more than your normal price via your store on Amazon.

        Good product but crappy tactics.

        Edit - The Kamvas Pro 13 is currently only $359 on Amazon with the coupon.

  • The Kamvas 13 is a great tablet, I have been using one for the last 3-4 months.
    It is one of the few pen displays that can operate over a single USB-C cable (the pro does not do that)

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