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$20 off $100 Spend for First Pickup / Direct to Boot Order (New Accounts) @ Woolworths App


Greetings everyone, Woolworths currently has $10 off $100 spend via their app using the coupon "APP10" for first app orders.

This is applied on your first purchase in the app, so if you've used the app before it won't work. APP10 provides a $10 discount on your first order in the Woolworths App.

The best deal however is to stack with the First Direct to Boot / Pickup Order ($10 off $100 spend) which is automatically applied when you create a new account, this stacks on top of the coupon. Just need to:

  1. Create a new account using a different email within the Woolworths App.
  2. Select a pickup location in the app and add your items of at least $100.
  3. Apply the coupon "APP10" and your total will reflect a $20 total discount.

Make sure to link your Everyday Rewards card too to be eligible for any points bonuses you have.

APP10 is only redeemable once per account, so can just create a new email if you want to use this offer multiple times.

As always. enjoy :)

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  • Make sure to link your Everyday Rewards card too to be eligible for any points bonuses

    I tried doing this previously (with a card I've used this offer with before) and it automatically removed the $10 discount for first pickup orders. Can anyone confirm this happened to them as well?

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      I think you also need an EDR card that has not been linked to a WW account

  • Getting Invalid coupon code error

    • Did you make a fresh account? And what happens if you try and add more than $110 worth of items and apply the coupon?

  • Ordered something direct to boot yesterday and they didn’t get the order ready. It was just 6 items 🙄

    Hi, we're sorry we're running late picking your order, but are working hard to have it ready as soon as possible. We'll let you know when your order is ready for collection via SMS. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Your Woolworths Team

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      They probably had bigger orders before yours?

      • +3

        You pick a time slot. Doesn’t matter on the size of the order…but just interesting they couldn’t just pick out 6 items. I could’ve gone in and picked them myself. 😅

        Not trying offend anyone. Just warning people sometimes the order doesn’t get picked if you are planning to pick it up with other errands.

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      The idea is you never go until you get a text saying the order is ready. One worker not showing up can delay everything for hours. I've had this happen but it was during the big rush in C&C/online ordering during the beginning of the lockdowns.

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        Yep, one worker might have got caught with a covid case the night before and isolating. 👍

        Just in case people are deciding to click and collect from a few shops.

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          Just complain a bit on their online portal and they’ll give you a $5 gift card or something haha. Depends how much it bothers you.

          • @ATangk: Thanks. It wasn’t too bad this time cos I wasn’t expecting to use the groceries last night…Last time they did compensate me by upgrading my order from medium prawns to extra large and said they were sorry. 😃

            I assume some staff called in sick cos of covid symptoms and they couldn’t get anyone to come in and cover the shift. Had to call them up today and organise a new pick up time.

  • you can link the same WW rewards card to a new account

  • Worked for me thanks OP!

  • Honestly, last time I used this service it took FOREVER. The incompetency was just ridiculous, completely useless if you can go in and grab your items quicker than it takes for them to find, and then come out with your order.

  • It irks me that we are loyal LONG term weekly on-line shoppers with Woolworth's but DON'T qualify. It also pisses me off that there are daily minor points products that you have to continually activate to get these offers!!!

  • It really annoys me that you are forced to buy plastic bags for delivery. Hopefully they bring back delivery to the bench one day.

  • don't waste your time, this doesn't work

    says invalid code

    existing woolworths account, first time downloading / installing app

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