Looking to Buy a New Gaming Chair - Budget $300

Hey guys, looking for a Gaming Chair.

Ideally I'd get an Ikea one but they are $270 delivery putting the chair over $550.

Anything people have used that is decent enough to sit at for 3-4 hours. Around the $200-$300 mark?

Thanks in advance.


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    Looking for a Gaming Chair!

    Where did you you last see it?

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    Get a decent office chair…

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      All those gaming chairs are useless especially the ones that look like a race car bucket seat.

  • Search ozbargain https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/656504
    Herman miller if the sky is the limit
    Buro is the ozb choice - I have it for over 4 years now. Solid and no sign of breaking down for use of between 2-6 hours

    • did you get armrests for the Buro? if so, what is the minimum height of it from the ground? Can't seem to find any measurements

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