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35% off Samsung Buds and Watch4: Watch4 from $259.35, Watch4 Classic from $356.85 Delivered @ Samsung EDU Store


As part of Samsung Education Store offer, it's back on:


Galaxy Buds2 - $142.35
Galaxy Buds Live - $161.85
Galaxy Buds Pro - $194.35

Samsung Galaxy Watch4
Galaxy Watch4 Bluetooth (40mm) - $259.35
Galaxy Watch4 Bluetooth (44mm) - $291.85
Galaxy Watch4 LTE (40mm) - $324.35
Galaxy Watch4 LTE (44mm) - $356.85
Galaxy Watch4 Maison Kitsuné Edition - $389.35

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic
Galaxy Watch4 Classic Bluetooth (42mm) - $356.85
Galaxy Watch4 Classic Bluetooth (46mm) - $389.35
Galaxy Watch4 Classic LTE (42mm) - $421.85
Galaxy Watch4 Classic LTE (46mm) - $454.35

It still say up-to 20% on main page, but when go to the watch it's now 35% discounted rate today.

Note: $50 newsletter discount code works too.

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    Same on Government and Corporate EPP

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      Thanks, any discounts on Q950A soundbar ?

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      the Galaxy Buds don't appear to be discounted on the government store for me.

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    My Galaxy Watch Active 2 just developed an irritating fault 20 months after buying it.

    Samsung Pay keeps activating due to a faulty button

    Makes me weary buying these if they're using the same components.

    Renders the watch unusable as it constantly activates.

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      chase them up for warranty.

      Check Google for statutory warranty / ACL

    • Yeah my Active 2 touch sensor just gave out and would randomly select items on the screen. Sammy were surprisingly good with warranty - Just posted them the watch and got screen fixed and posted back about a week later.

      • How much did it cost?

        • Was free!

          • @DraicG: Was this within warranty? How long after you bought it?

            • @giventofly: Ooo not 100%. I think maybe a year and a half - surely still in warranty

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      The same button is used for ECG readings, and it being faulty is a known issue. Hit up Samsung for a service and they will be pretty good with it as it’s a known issue.

      The Active2 has much better battery life than the 4, so worth holding on to.

      Here is the link to raise a repair request,

      • Thanks so much!

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    ah damn it, would have jumped at this if I had access :|

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    Just a note the Buds Pro and Buds 2 have an ear infection issue for some users.

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      Dang, thanks for the heads up

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        buds 2 no issues for me. Ppl gonna get ear infections if they don't clean with just about any earbud.

        • Apparently the issue is around the material that is used and a reaction that some people have, nothing related to cleaning.

          • @razza: Yeah and possibly the materials are more prone to bacteria build up? (Unconfirmed)

            • +1

              @cheaptech20: Doubt it. When I had the Buds Pro I was very meticulous with sanitising them with alcohol wipes after each work day. So much so that I thought it was a reaction to the wipes rather than the buds. Changing from the stock silicone tips to Comply foam or SpinFit tips made no difference.

              I have had no reaction to Jabra 65t nor Sony WF-1000XM4 when using the same cleaning wipes and tips.

              • @sickburn: Interesting - I wonder what it is!
                I actually got ear infections from an old pair of in earphones I wore years ago… never thought it could be that one pair…

  • Noticed this yesterday, and then the page was down last night for maintenance.

    Thought they were gonna fix it, but apparently they didnt lol

    placed order for the black lte :D

  • Does the buds come with a free protection case?

  • I'm getting $239 for Galaxy Buds Pro at Samsung Government, how can bring it down to $194?

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    can someone please check to see if ODS codes work on EPP ????

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    looks like same price for westpac credit card owners

    • +1

      Thanks - this was a saver for someone without a .gov or .edu email!

  • Note: $50 newsletter discount code works too.

    Are these still $350 minimum spend to use newsletter code?

    • Yeah

      • How do you sign up for the news letter? Or is it not possible with an established account?

        Worked it out!


    • My newsletter codes aren't working

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    Go Samsung!! Kill all the retailers!! Waiting for another Fold3 deal!

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    I bought a galaxy watch 4 with LTE from the last deal, and there are significant battery life problems with the LTE turned on. The watch lasts around 1 day with mobile networks off, but only around 8 hours with mobile networks set to always on.

    • ouch! There are limited carriers who support esim right? From what I saw only the 3 majors basically and you have to pay extra on top of your mobile bill? The only time I would use it is if im out running and wanted to make a call but that would only be an emergency, hardly worth paying $10+ a month plus a more expensive phone plan.

      • limited carriers - from my experience telstra do it for free though

        • Telstra charge $5/m for that service, i just subscibed yesterday. I think optus has it free.

    • That's interesting because official advertised hours are 40 and reviewer stated 30hrs. link

      • +2

        The review you linked didn't specify whether the review unit was a LTE model or bluetooth only.

    • love my garmin

  • Galaxy Bud vs say a Sony WF 1000xm3?

    Or just go all out for new and 1000xm4?

  • Garmin forerunner 945 or the watch 4 classic? Im not a triathlete, just casual exercise, although the battery life on the Samsung does seem like a major inconvenience, any thoughts?

    *I already have a Samsung s20fe and galaxy buds plus

    • +1

      Hi Aileri,
      I got a Garmin Fenix 6pro and used to have apple and galaxy watch.
      Garmin give you Much more Battery life and much more robust.
      Not as fency, but military grade product.
      If you plan to have a LTE version to replace your phone, Apple or galaxy is the way to go.
      But if you plan to do more activities with and have a busy scheduled life and hate to charge your watch every couple of days, go Garmin.

      • +1

        It depends on your needs/wants.

        Can you charge it overnight? -Samsung
        Do you need Sleep Tracking? -Not Samsung
        Are there specific exercises needed? -Not Samsung
        Is it important to have realistic watch faces? -Samsung
        etc etc etc

        • +2

          If has not bought one yet.
          A good question is do you really need one?
          I used to have a Fitbit, only used twice and then in the drawer for a year
          Battery dead on me.
          Even it was cheap but still a waste of money.
          We are ozbargainers we should buy cheaper, buy better and buy wiser.

          • @Lost123: I use it for nfc payments and music normally

            • @Aileri: Maybe sport one day? Haha

              • @Lost123: Haha, well I do bouldering swimming hiking and ice skating but I don't really care about tracking those, actually took off my old watch when climbing and skating to avoid scratches

                • +1

                  @Aileri: Well done. Seems like you have made a decision.
                  You like it is the most important thing! 😜

    • +2

      I have garmin fenix 5 plus since past 2 years.. if you are not active, it is pretty useless.. battery still lasts about 14-16 days.. solid waterproof.. even took it scuba diving 21m.. sleep and step counter is crap.. garmin app is the worst..
      for my use even mi band 4 was awesome.. better sensors and app and $25..

      wife got a watch4 40mm lte (LTE not yet activated).. with minor activity but all background sensors active, battery lasts easy 1.5 to 2 days (she usually charges way before so dont know exact).. charging takes about 100 mins (0-100%).. pairs well with s20fe and buds live.

  • My son in Yr 7 has an email address ending in .edu.au. Can I use it?

  • Does anyone have a sign up voucher that I may have please? Thanks.

  • Anyone know much about unofficial bands for the Galaxy Watch 4? They were out of the black 42mm classic so I went for silver but it comes with a white rubber watch band? I couldn't find any official silver metallic bands so I'm guessing 3rd party is the way to go, just a bit worried about getting a dud

  • +1

    Still couldn't get the $50 sign up voucher. Have been waiting for couple of hours now

    • +3

      You might have to wait for a couple of days! Instead just email to [email protected] and let them know, they’ll send it within a few hours. Hope this helps.

  • +1

    I've been looking for a smart watch for a while. Just pulled the trigger with newsletter code! Thanks op.

  • Thanks OP. To all having issues with the newsletter code, I believe it's because you've uses that email address before, so might be worth trying with a new email address. Worked for me.

  • Is the 35% due to end today and go back to 20% or is this on for a few days yet?

  • +1

    Damm I don't have edu or gov account.. really like the price and want to buy 😥

  • -1

    Edu store doesnt have the watches anymore

    • okay mb the prices just wasnt showing

      • how did you fix this? I'm having the same problems

        • I went through the whole catalogue. But visited the site again and it's showing now

  • Just FYI, I don't think all EPPs/agreements allow the voucher to be used. It wouldn't work for me when I went through Westpac but worked fine through the Government EPP.

    Picked up the Black Watch 4 Classic 46mm for $339.35, thanks OP.

  • Hi can anyone guide how to obtain $50 newsletter voucher and $100 loyalty voucher?? I alreday have a westpac samsung account since past 1 yr. Own 2x S20fe + 2x Buds live + watch4 40mm LTE and watch4 classic 46mm LTE.. I tried approching the live chat but it always expires before I can reach any agent on order page.

    • +1

      Newsletter signup link, takes 24-48hrs to get code. Go to samsung website, bottom right start the chat and ask for loyality voucher ($100), they may ask which old samsung phone you have, tell them the model and they will give you the code.

      • Is there any minimum spend on the loyalty voucher to be used?

        • it has to be used with S21/Z series, newletter one i believe need minimun of $350 spend

  • Black watch 4classic now out of stock

  • has anyone purchased a watch4 classic? mine's been stuck on preparing order for 3 days

    • +1

      I got the Watch4 LTE and mine's been stuck as well since Tues.
      I've called multiple times but all they can do is "escalate" the issue since the call centres are outsourced and do not have direct contact with the warehouse.

    • Same stuck in processing status. And I actually chose pickup option in Sydney whichh shouldve been ready between 24-48 hrs from ordering

    • ordered a watch4 classic black 46mm bt on 09/12 morning. shipped from Sydney the same day and delivered to me at melbourne today morning(11/12).

      • ordered a watch4 classic black 46mm bt 7/12 morning for pickup, hasn't even been shipped yet :'(

        • thats so weird. try calling em up. probably their warehouse works on a much faster pace than their store does

          • +1

            @kazer: looks like after sales support is only mon-fri 8am-8pm, i'll order another one for delivery and see which one comes first for science

  • Thanks for posting! Just ordered my black LTE. Champion!

  • Great deal OP! According to my chat with Samsung Support, "this offer will be valid up until 11:59pm (AEDT) 31st of December 2021, unless withdrawn earlier."

    Now I just have to wait for my $50 newsletter discount code to come through…

  • -1

    Based on my personal experience, I would suggest to stay away from Watch 4. Battery life is horrible on these (whether LTE or Bluetooth). Thats why these are being sold so cheap for a reason. My 2 years old Samsung Galaxy Watch still gives me 2 days +/- battery life, but my Watch 4 LTE hardly lasts half a day.
    Really hoping Samsung fix it with future software updates.

  • Does this still work? It shows Galaxy $399 for Watch4 Bluetooth (40mm) of me

    • You logged onto the Samsung Education store?

    • I just logged on to edu store and it shows the discounted price for me. I dont think this deal has expired yet

  • Yeah it has not expired. I just bought classic Bluetooth, it's now back in stock

  • Does anybody know if any stores price match with Samsung Education at all?
    Bought a Galaxy 4 Watch last week but will be fine if there aren't any.

    • tried it once and they said no. depends. wouldnt hurt to ask.

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