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Ivory Coat Grain Free Dog Food 13kg 6 Bags for $371.94 ($61.99 Each, RRP $139.99) Free C&C @ Petbarn


This is a bit of a hack I found last month when Petbarn did the same offer. I stacked the spend and save coupons on top of the sale prices to maximise the savings and I don't have to buy food for a while. 😀
To get the price of $61.99 stack the sale price ($86.99) with the coupon and buy 6 bags for $521.94, then apply the coupon for 30% off. Last time I did this twice at two stores using the $250 coupons to get six bags as they had stock issues at my local.

Coupons are;
AL2204V26 - spend $150 save $35 (23%)
AL2204V27 - spend $250 save $70 (28%)
AL2204V28 - spend $500 save $150 (30%)

This is just one example, you could use these codes for anything they sell.

Note: Excludes Black Hawk products.

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    read this as ivory coast and immediately thought "what makes the dog food so great in cote d'voire?"

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    Ivory coat quality not as good as it used to be, but if your dog can eat it without getting sick then a good price

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      Yea my dog used to eat Ivory Coat with no trouble, then once they got bought out the recipe obviously changed and the dog decided she didn't like it.

      Have tried Meals for Mutts and Canidae since then and my dog seems to love both of them.

      • They changed the recipe before they change owners to some Chinese conglomerate

        The ingredients were and are still sourced from Australia and the food is still made in Australia.

        I've been using this dog food for a long time and its a good low allergy food.. i only get the low fat turkey as this is healthier long term for larger dogs… I also switch to the large breed turkey and brown rice now and then to include some gluten free grains… this can have a heart health benefit.

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      I started my dogs on it as we discovered that it stopped the ear infections as they were allergic to wheat. Been on it for 12 months no issue.

      • Hi Valerie

        It might be the poultry meal also quite common apparently

  • Looks like it's only the Ocean Fish & Salmon variety at the $86.99 price. Damn fussy dogs!

  • So you have to buy 6 bags for this to work? Then title should be adjusted for the price of 6 (as you cannot buy one for that price)

    • To get the lowest price, but if you only buy 2 then you still save. Or not even dog food, vouchers work store wide.

  • Can also be combined with repeat delivery discounts.

  • $30 delivery and no C&C. Booo

    • Must've your local store. Try a different one as I had the same when the local was out of stock.

      • Only have one unfortunately

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    FYI - https://www.petfoodreviews.com.au/ivory-coat-grain-free-dog-...

    15/09/2020 – Due to numerous consumer issues regarding Ivory Coat from The Real Pet Food Company we advise avoiding this product.

    If your pet has suffered any ill effects from feeding this product please give details in the comments section below.

    • Good to know. My dogs seem fine on it but will watch future bags.

  • Not a fan of their food as my cats actually turned down the Ivory Coat cat version, and the one that did eat it ended up with inflammatory bowel.

  • My dog can’t finish one bag a year and already have enough for 2 lifetimes from four years ago

  • The same could be done on Taste of the Wild which is on sale

  • If anyone needs to get one or two bags, I’ll get them off you

  • $250 and $500 coupons are coming up as invalid for me. Anyone else have this problem?

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      The coupon codes seems to work for OP's combo, probably have some exclusions, so not sitewide and on all products. I tried to buy Blackhawk but the codes are no good, even the $150 code.

      • I just checked and only exclusion listed was Black Hawk. Will update the post.

        • Thanks for clarifying and for posting the deal. I might use the oportunity to try other brands of dog food.

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