Reasons to Buy an Xbox Series Console over/as Well as PS5?

Reasons to get a PS5 come down to the exclusives: Spider-man, Horizon, Demon’s Souls, etc.

Why do people like their Xbox Series consoles? Put down a deposit but might cancel. Buy now think later!

Any exclusives on the horizon?

There are a few Gamespass deals, but which is the best for console?

Thank you


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    I don't think there's any point getting an Xbox anymore since most exclusives are also released on PC.

    PS5 + PC + Switch is probably the holy trinity of current gen gaming.

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      The Series X is a heck of a lot cheaper than an equivalent video card for the PC though.

      The best reasons to get a Series X (or even a Series S) are:

      • Game Pass. It's unbelievable value and will probably save you $300-$400 a year assuming you're happy to be flexible about what you're playing.
      • Exclusives. Bethesda is going to increasingly go PC & Series X/S only so if you're into Elder Scrolls, you don't really have a choice. There's also Halo, Forza, and Flight Simulator, all of which are pretty darn good.

      I wasn't going to buy one as I'd managed to get a PS5 on launch but after getting a Series S to act as a media player (it plays nicely with my amp for Atmos content, something my PS5 was never able to do), I ended up buying a Series X because I've been using it so much. I still prefer PS5-native games because of the haptic feedback on the controller, but between Psychonauts, Hades, working my way through Halo MCE in solo and co-op, and a litany of backlogs I never played like Dragon's Age, I've barely been playing the PS5 at all.

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        Agreed, if you want/can afford only one console, Series X is the way to go

        • I have a PS5 and concur with that sentiment. Very jealous of the Gamepass. Only time will tell.

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      I sold my PC at the start of the year while prices were crazy and went with a Series X and LG C1.

      Haven't looked back. Load times are way better, quick resume is amazing and playing through the C1 is a game changer. Even plugged the series X into my monitor/keyboard/mouse for Halo and for native keyboard/mouse support.

      I'm sure I'll get a PC for gaming again in the future but for now the SeriesX with Gamepass is seriously great value.

      PS5 - I'll wait till they are cheaper or the next version and when the 3-4 exclusives worth playing are selling for $10 each.

      • Load times are way better

        On what games cause from my experience they are pretty even.
        My PC's faster than my mates PS5 in warzone loading into matches.

        • I haven't noticed a massive difference with level loading etc. But from turning the xbox on and being in game where you last left off we are talking 5 or so seconds. A huge difference to PC.

          Yes I get that it's quick resume but it's a feature lacking on PC and it make a huge difference.

          Actual load time is going to vary based on games. I'm sure some are quicker on PC. Some are quicker on Xbox.

          • @stratbargain: I doubt PC will get quick resume anytime soon unfortunately, PC will definitely pass both consoles on load times when direct storage launches and new games take advantage of it.

            Series X is a great budget system right now while GPU's prices are insane though they should not be compared price to performance wise which PC's will never win.

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            @stratbargain: Quick resume seemed like a gimmic at first, but I really notice the lack of it on the PS5.

            Playing Persona 5 I get to a point where I would happily leave the game, and if it was on my Series X I could, but then I need to get to a save point, and then on resuming work through the various loading screens to start playing.

    • I've got the trinity but I'm lucky AF. If I didn't' have a gaming PC I'd get a Xbox Series for the insane value that is Gamepass (which is still epic for PC). With all the exclusives getting Day 1 on PC drops, I just don't need a separate console for them.

  • Both, yolo.

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    If you've got a gaming PC then a Xbox is probably not worth it.
    I guess it's good for couch multiplayer. Most PC versions of games don't support splitscreen multiplayer

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    • A great addition if you have an Xbox, but not a reason to get one. RetroArch boxes can be had for cheaper.

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    Either of them will do if you can find one.

    If you require more explanation, here it is:

    • If you have a PS4 games library or you are into Playstation exclusives, go for PS5

    • If you don't have a games library or a gaming computer, go for Xbox Series X with a Game Pass.

    • If you don't have a console, games library and have only limited budget, go for a Xbox Series S with a Game Pass.

    • If you have a gaming PC, get a Game Pass, you wouldn't need an Xbox.

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    Bought a series s, cause I needed to get an Xbox controller for PC gamepass and thought to myself might as well get a series s to compliment my ps5.

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    I game on PC but if I had to choose a new system it would be my last option. Tired of shit PC ports, a million launchers and the prices of components. PS5 interests me the most because of the PS exclusives (Ik some are on PC now or are coming to PC at a snails pace). Xbox Series X is good too and since you need live gold anyway game pass becomes a lot more appealing. Only console that doesn't make any sense to me is the Series S but I'm sure it has some use for someone.

    • You no longer need Live Gold

      Effective April 21, 2021, all Xbox players can access online multiplayer for free-to-play games on their console at no charge. For these games, an Xbox Live Gold subscription is no longer needed. You’ll be able to download and play online entirely for free on your Xbox console.

      Xbox Announcement

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        for free to play games only…

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      Series S second hand for $350 plus 3 years of Brazil gamepass for $130

      < $500 for three years of gaming.

      That’s a pretty compelling argument. 100’s of games for less than the price of 2-3 titles a year.

  • PS5 !!! The controller with the haptic feedback is next gen gaming it's pretty amazing on games but chews through the battery, although I wish it looked more like the Xbox as the ps5 is an eyesore

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    I have both but play my Xbox more for the following reasons:
    1 - The controller is so much better in my giant hands than the PS controller
    2 - Gamepass
    3 - Quick resume

    Beyond that, and other than specific exclusives you might want to play, both machines are totally fine and you don't need both.

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    I had a ps5 since launch, have a PC with RTX3080, and yet I still just bought an xbox series x….

    • Originally thought 'all xbox games are on PC'. But my PC generates so much money ethereum mining, that I don't want to stop it to play games.

    • PS5 controller is far better. The dualsense stuff is legit awesome

    • PS5 has a severe lack of good games. Most of the good games are actually ps4 titles with upgrades
    • Playstation plus is basically a bad joke at this point. Absolute trash tier games almost every month, probably get something decent once every 6months

    Why I bought a series X:
    - Xbox back compat is infinitely better than ps5 with far more upgraded games
    - Game pass absolutely destroys ps plus for value and selection of quality titles. Literally 10000x better
    - Forza
    - Tried using long HDMI cable to my PC to play games on TV with xbox controller. Was just very inconvenient having to navigate, display swap, etc, plus mining eth being missed out on. I want to just sit on couch, grab controller and play without hassle.

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      • Tried using long HDMI cable to my PC to play games on TV with xbox controller. Was just very inconvenient having to navigate, display swap, etc

      I agree I wish there was something that would make it as easy and convenient as consoles.

  • For anyone who looks in future:
    Bought Xbox. I really like it. Feels 100% worth it with Gamepass. Retro gaming is nice, but not a reason to buy (would rather be able to use an 8bitdo controller with it). Gamepass though… PS5 is now for exclusives, and only exclusives.

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