New Car Stuck at Customs - Any Way to Verify This?


So I ordered a new Subaru Forrester here in Perth. I've been getting promises from the dealership every day that it's coming next week for several times now. It is now seems like the car is stuck at customs… is that even possible? Why would it be stuck there and is there a way I can confirm this from my end?


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    Huge backlog, just be patient

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    Here in Perth we've had strikes by the Wharfies in the past months which has but a large backlog in a lot of the stuff on the docks which MAY be the cause
    This and the huge issue with freight logistics over the last month makes for a perfect storm.

    My job had Power poles from Korea stuck there which has pushed the whole project out.
    I'd say it's not so much customs holding it up, it's more the backlog in clearing freight off the docks

    As for customs, not really any way of checking other than the dealer being able to as the contract is between them and the freight company.
    Just going to have to take their word for it.

  • is that even possible?


    why would it be stuck there

    Sheer volume of freight movements combined with industrial action at a number of ports, including Fremantle.

  • Yes there is every chance of a customs hold up… but more likely your being spun manure by the dealer to keep you interested.

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    Fraid they got you by the balls on this one, OP.

    What are you going to do, cancel your order?

    I had the same issue with Toyota some months back. Got there in the end, just 7 weeks late after promised delivery date and multiple followups.

    • Not sure as I already paid a $500 deposit and traded in my car. Very annoying situation.

  • from the dealership

    It's alright, you didn't buy it from gumtree.

  • Looks busy. Every car you can see on the other side of the railway line probably hasn't cleared customs.

    After that they need to stick a compliance plate on it.

    • Thank you so much! This was really useful as you can see how many cars they cleared since yesterday.
      Hopefully mine will be in the next lot of car.

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