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Jabra Elite 75T (Titanium Black Only) $148 or Elite Active 75T (Dark Grey or Blue) $148 (Expired) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Price has been cheaper, but this is the current cheapest price I can find. Great little set of earbuds with ANC and multipoint connection. Remember to enable location on the Jabra app on your phone so you can find the bloody things if you lose them.

These have all been better prices around Black Friday, but if you missed out, or lost your beloved 75Ts just last week (hypothetically), it's better than a kick in the pants.

Jabra Elite Active 75T $148, was $249 Expired
Jabra Elite 85t $227, was $299
Jabra Elite 3, $99, was $119 - These have been on sale for at least a few days.

Edit: If you're looking to price match at Officeworks:
Jabra Elite Active 75T $148, Harvey Norman
Jabra Elite 75T $148 at Harvey Norman
Jabra Elite 85t $229 at JB Hi Fi
Jabra Elite 3, $99 at JB Hi Fi

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Great price for the Elite Active 75T version

  • now they have too many varieties, which confused us a lot

    • +3

      Yes they do have a lot, but the 75T is still a solid choice, arguably the best of the lot, and for $1 extra the Active 75t is a no brainer.

  • Bought the Elite 3's from Good Guys Commercial last week for $83. I like them a lot. Music sound is not as good as my Powerbeats Pro I bought for $99, but I like the grey colour better than moss green, and I mainly just use them for zoom/teams meetings, to look more professional (with a separate USB mic).

  • +1

    My 65t is dying, the left bud has very little or no sound at all while the buttons are doing fine. Going to get a price beat from OW

    • Will they match Amazon?

      • If they won't match Amazon - Price is the +$1-2/the same at JB Hi Fi (85T, 75T, & 3) Harvey Norman (75T Active)

    • +4

      Not sure if this helps - but I know with my 75t, the left earbud went quiet because the small ventilation hole on the side of the bud (covered by a small fabric layer inside to prevent moisture) got plugged with dirt which caused the bud to go super low volume. Once I cleared it out carefully (don't puncture the cloth because then the bud will die lol) the sound returned. This might help, but not sure it applies to 65T but I think they have the same design.

      • It actually works (at least for now). Can wait for next better deal

  • I loved my 65T. The only let down was the left earpiece didn’t work independently on it’s own without the right one.

    • Jabra 3 and 7 do this, but no multipoint (yet)

  • +3

    Grabbed a pair. Stacked with Amex Black Friday $20 cash back offer brings them down to $128 for me.

    Switching to Jabra after having two pairs of Samsung Buds fail on me, right ear bud going very quiet on both occasions.

  • +4

    I have the 75T active, they're really great, feel very secure in the ear. The ANC is very effective.

    • +1

      And the warranty was great after my first pair had a battery issue they sent me a second pair no questions asked. I now have four pairs of Jabra headphones and happy to recommend them to others

      • Yeah, I was surprised about the warranty you can extend in the app to 2 years

  • jbhifi sell it for $149 and you can get 10% off with code, combine with jbhifi 5% gift card brinf it down to $127.4.

  • Can't see the Jabra Elite Active 75T for $148 at HN?

  • 85T Elite much better than the Elite Active 75T? big price difference.

  • +1

    Confusing… even the guy at jb hifi was confused

    Elite 75t Active - Active noise cancelling
    Elite 75t - Active noise canceling

    Were the active 75t actually $147-149? or did everyone get confused and just buy the 75t…

    I checked Amazon yesterday and the Active 75t was $177.

    I think Harvey Norman was the only legit discount, and it only lasted 2 days …

    • Have you managed to get yours at JBHIFI?

    • I got the 75t active in blue for $148 from Amazon. Honestly the only difference is slightly different texture and higher water rating for us gross sweaty people

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