Free A$10 in Bitcoin when When You Signup & Pass KYC Verification @ Independent Reserve


Haven't heard much about them but they're a certified Blockchain Australia business. Is $10 of Bitcoin worth giving up your details? Since it's the price is currently in a dip and this is OzBargain.. you bet

EDIT: use OzB refferal links for codes during sign up if you feel like it paying it forward

From 1 December 2021 till 28 February 2022, you can receive $10 worth of Bitcoin when you sign-up and verify your account with Independent Reserve!*

All you need to do is:

1 Register an account with Independent Reserve
2 Complete your account verification
3 Log in and message support with “10bitcoin” to receive $10 worth of Bitcoin!

T's & C's

The promotion is valid between 1 December 2021 and 28 February 2022, both dates inclusive (“Promotion Period”)
The promotion is valid for accounts created between 1 December 2021 and 28 February 2022, both dates inclusive (“Promotion Period”)
To qualify for the AUD $10 worth of Bitcoin you must register with Independent Reserve, complete your ID verification and message support with “10bitcoin”.
Each customer will only be awarded once during the Promotion Period

Referral Links

Referral: random (98)

Referrer gets 50% of all brokerage fees paid by referees.

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      Free $10 of bitcoin isn't a bargain?

  • +4

    Reputable exchange and no deposit needed to claim the free BTC. Upvoted.

  • Free bitcoin yes thanks

  • +2

    $10, no

  • How many accounts will I have to make to get a bitcoin?

  • +3

    Note: withdrawal fee to btc wallet is 0.0003 btc (more than $20AUD), but you can sell and then withdraw $AUD to bank account for free.

  • +4

    Note: the deal link uses OP's referral code. To be fair, use the random referral link

    • Not my code, noticed the refferal already listed as well when I signed up. I am not registered for referring. Don't know where it goes but I also suggest using the OzBargain refferal links. Just included in the edit

      • Thanks for clarifying, OP

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    I would rate Independent Reserve as newbie friendly for starting crypto trading. Fees are much more reasonable than Coinspot.

    • Hey how much do coinspot charge?

  • +1

    Ahh, here we go.. adding another exchange to the collection & another free $10..
    The good thing about Independent Reserve is the fees are reasonable, and you can use them to set up an SMSF investing in crypto.

    • I got some crypto from coinspot, but haven't sold any yet. Coinspot fees are reasonable too, no???

      • +1

        CoinSpot fees are too high and they always add new tokens after they've mooned. SwyftX is better but their liquidity provider is Binance so they're essentially a wrapper for Binance Australia.

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    "In the meantime, please provide the following ID documents on the Settings screen to complete your account verification.

    • A photo of yourself holding your ID and a piece of paper that says "Independent Reserve {date}", replacing {date} with today's date.

    • A closeup photo of your valid ID.

    • Proof of address such as a recent bank statement or a utility bill (excluding mobile phone), showing your name, address, and an issue date of the document. "

    • Yep, was a pain to do. Took me 2 days to be verified. The fasttrack verification wasn't enough and you still needed to complete the thurough verification anyway.

  • Let's make a million from this 10 bucks

  • +1

    UPDATE: Got my A$10 bitcoin. Took 48 hours to be verfied. Account was credited 2 hours after receiving verification complete message.

  • Can I use this on the dark market. I think Alpha Bay is now shut down, what's the best DM atm

    • lol not sure if serious.. it's not as untraceable as you'd think…

      • +5

        More like absolutely traceable when you have done KYC on an exchange and then all transactions are on a public ledger.

  • lol, requires utility bill but doesn't accept pdfs, genius

    • +1

      Very silly. But for work around, print screen and save as jpeg

  • How do you withdraw?

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