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LAPA Sleepwear Spaghetti String Loose Solid Black Nightdress $12.69 Delivered @ FO SHAN via Catch


LAPA Sexy Sleepwear Spaghetti String Loose Solid Black Nightdress

  • Bra Style: Unlined
  • Pattern:Solid Color
  • Waist: Natural
  • Size : S、M、L、XL、2XL、3XL; True to size
  • Garment Care: Hand Wash, Machine Washable

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  • +12

    Some some quality FO SHAN XIN ER DIAN ZI SHANG WU YOU XIAN GONG SI stuff right there

    • +3

      god i thought you were making that up but no….


      its real

      it just means modern womens fashion company from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foshan

      • +4

        Yeah I saw it when I went to make a smart arse comment and saw the tick box says ‘I am associated with FO SHAN XIN ER DIAN ZI SHANG WU YOU XIAN GONG SI

        Just another Chinese factory trying to look legit with cover of shipping through catch shrug

    • Hello Dear,

      Our Catch shop is registered with FO SHAN XIN ER DIAN ZI SHANG WU YOU XIAN GONG SI information.
      But our some hot selling products are located in AU warehouse.
      Hope you could like our products which are free shipping and lower price.

  • +3

    I'm here for the comments.

    • Maybe you are waiting for me? haha

  • +1

    Looks sexy. Wish I had a girlfriend.

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    • +2

      Wish I had a girlfriend.

      Rent one.

      • +2

        LAPA , you forgot to bold

        • -2

          No I didn't.

          • +4

            @jv: if it flies, (profanity) or floats better to rent it by the hour

      • Fancy going halves?

        • Which half?

          • @jv: You can have the head and legs, I'll have the body

              • @jv: Bleeding hell JV……..how old are you

                • @alidli: I produced that video.

                  • @jv: and I bet you wrote it as well.

                    Damn, that's catchy, I can't get it out of my head now………I ain't got nobooody

                    • @alidli:

                      I ain't got nobooody

                      Yes you do, you said I have the head and legs…

                      • @jv: We'd better quit now before someone tells us to get a room 😗

                        • @alidli: It's fine. Mods are all asleep at this time.

        • Seems you are happy to chat with each other.

    • +1

      Order 10 from ozbargain

    • Okay, I think you would have one soon, handsome guy.

  • OP found Catch platform to circumvent eBay posting guideline. FYI, I have viewed OP's virgin post (unpubbed now).

    • +1


    • +3

      unpubbed now


      • 😂

    • +1

      Hey sweetie,
      I not only sell products on eBay but also sell products on Catch.

      Is it reasonable?

  • No details on what material it's made from, and where its made

    • +1

      polyester, china like just about anything garment wise in this country at this price

    • +1

      yep, material is polyester.

      I would like to say that many clothing are in polyester material, which is suitable for making casual clothes.

  • +1

    I reckon if you're gonna gift lingerie, generally it's a good idea to avoid having it come in taobao (or in this case Catch) wrapping.

    • +1

      I think it is better that receiving the parcel self and give the gift lingerie to girlfriend face to face.

  • Omg, I m just 10 yr old, should I get it ready now?

    • +1

      Absolutely you could, sweetie.

      It is suitable for you to wear at home in Summer.

  • I prefer AliExpress reviews

    • +1

      I am sure my price is lower than AliExpress, haha

  • +1

    This would have stacked well with the 30 pack condom offer.

    Hollow out underware made my day

    • +1

      probably need a deal on nappies and formula cum Sept 2022

    • +1

      It is a good idea, man. But we do not sell condom.

      You could buy some lingerie in our Catch store and add some condom in the parcel.
      Then selling other people the new parcel.

  • I love spaghetti

    • +1

      Nobody does not love probably.

  • Image cropped. not cool.

  • +1

    JV to the rescue!

    • What's?

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