Help Me Choose a Micro Shredder

I confuse on to choose between:

Officeworks' J.Burrows Micro Cut 24 hour Paper Shredder Black S3306A

or Amazon US's
Aurora AU870MA High-Security 8-Sheet Micro-Cut Paper Credit Card Shredder Black


Aurora AU1210MA Professional Grade High Security 12-Sheet Micro-Cut Paper/ CD and Credit Card/ 60 Minutes Continuous Run Time Shredder

To feature cardboard shredding can be nice, but not a must.

Any other recommendation?

Thank you.


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    The only shredder brand I would actually recommend, is Fellowes

    • Fellowes is just work, no overheating or other issues.

  • Why shred cardboard? You can put it into your recycle bin or drop it off at the council recycle depot.

    • This one for composting or mulching - but not a must feature I need, good to have. Yes I can do the composting as well with the normal paper.

      • Yup, i can see now. If you are looking for mulch you might want to see if your local council does free wood chips. Some of them do as part of clean up of trees.

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    A box of matches.

  • BTW council I'm in, shredded paper shouldn't be in the recycle bin.

    • So original A4 paper with your details = good for yellow bin

      Shredded version of the exact paper = red bin only?

      • Yes because shredded paper is too small for the recycling facility and gets missed anyway.

      • U can also put it in the green bin if it's just shredded paper

    • My council, we put shredded paper in the green waste. But make sure you don’t just put the shredded paper on top or it blows everywhere when they lift it onto the truck

      • Now this is smart - they know they need the browns along with the greens to make it work.

  • My council all shredded paper goes in the recycling bin.

    blows everywhere

    Tell me about it, windy day, bin filled with shredded paper, the whole street was decorated with cross cut shredded paper.

    I denied that it was mine of course.

    I have a Rexel cross cut shredder from Officeworks.

  • I have the j burrows from officeworks and it works fantastic. No issues so far. No experience with the others so can't comment

  • Massive price and performance difference between the three you've linked?

    • J Burrows one is $264. Don't buy Aurora one from AU site, buy from US site as cheaper. The cheaper Aurora is $200 and the other one is $320+.

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