$1000 50-55" TV

Looking for a 50 to 55" TV that has eARC. Looking at the TCL C725 and the samsung au8000 but open to anything else that is on a good sale.


  • Hisense A7G?

  • We've had a 55" TCL for a couple of years now. Overall very happy.

    When I visited the store I had eyes only for Samsung after good experience with them.

    The sales guy showed the Sammie side by side with the TCL and there was no discernable difference in picture quality but the Samsung's tinny speakers were blown away by the Harman Kardon soundbar built into the TCL. The only things I can fault are startup time - 1 minute from power off (though there is a quick start if you let it sleep but we flick the wall switch) and occasionally it needs a reboot, but I guess that's any android TV.

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      Could you please let us know the model number?

      • I think it's the 55C6US. Not sure if they still make them.

  • P. S - I am in the market for a 55 incher too.. No relation to OP

  • Apologies for the hijack, but I'm in the market for a 65 incher deals, I'm guessing I could take the above suggested models and go for the 65 inch versions?

  • Does C725 or P725 have buildin chromecast?

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    Gone for 55C725 price match appliance central $899 - 10% - 15% gift card all being down to $689.10

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