Where Can I Buy a Gaming Computer for under $3000?

Hey guys, I just want some recommendations of where I can buy a Gaming Computer for under $3000.

I would preferably want a 12th gen CPU and at least a 3070 so it's at least a bit future proof. I won't mind if it has DDR4 as long as I have the option to upgrade to DDR5 in my own time. and RGB is always appreciated,


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    You wont find a board that can do DDR4 and 5, they are mechanically and electrically incompatible.

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        There may be boards out there that have DDR4 and 5 DIMM slots, but you'll only be able to use one at a time - and it will take up valuable space on the motherboard that could otherwise be used for other things, and those boards are not likely to be cheap either.

  • Won't get a 3070 in a system for under $3k :/
    Ok, I lied, https://techfast.com.au/products/AMD-Ryzen-5-5600X-RTX-3070-...

  • Techfast have cheap gaming PCs


  • BPC tech have some options. I’d go there over techfast.

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    You can shave a few hundred and opt for a 3060TI instead. You're still future-proofed with it.

  • You'll have trouble finding 12th gen Intel prebuilts at this stage. Very unlikely to find one with a 3070 under $3000.
    You can find some 3070 or better prebuilts with older CPUs for under $3000, see some desktop deals posted on ozbargain

  • Wait for next 11400f Alienware 3080ti deal for $2899

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    Welcome newbie. To save you time search oz bargain as this sort of question gets asked allot along with people asking about gaming PC's.

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