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Alienware Aurora R12 Gaming Desktop (White) i5 11400F, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, RTX 3080Ti $2899 Delivered @ Dell eBay


Original Coupon Deal
Dell confirmed: Ships between 18/12/2021 and 21/12/2021
Once shipped it will be delivered in 4 to 7 business days

Dual Fan Dell OEM 3080TI, Closed Loop Water AIO CPU Cooler
If you value the GPU at $2399 which was the last deal, that means you are getting a whole system for $500 except GPU which is a bargain!
For the naysayers posting Gamers Nexus reviews, that seems to be an outlier and most reviewers and owners are very happy.
You are getting $3589.20+ of parts for $2899 you can salvage them and rebuild it yourself!
Might be worth salvaging the 3080Ti swapping for your current gpu(1080Ti for me), then selling the Alienware for ~$2000 and getting a $899 3080Ti!
For sake of comparison I have substituted the cheapest alternative with same specs. Everything except the PSU is directly comparable. I added the cheapest 800dpi mouse and $13 keyboard as I assume what is included is nothing special.
Price Breakdown:

I've confirmed with sales that this is LHR 3080Ti, and shows 10+ units available, I'd assume around 70 units like the Dark Side of the Moon which sold out.
I held off on buying the Dark Side of the Moon Grey Version yesterday in hopes there would be a better deal today.
It's relisted today under Lunar White which I prefer the look of for the same price.
Alas, luketechfast said he has no stock of 3080, 3080ti or 3090 to run a deal.
Dell also confimed they are not running an official deal on their website, these units are not listed on the website.

It performs better than 5600x in some games or on par or a bit worse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BAJVM01D2hw
At 4k there is only a 0.15% CPU bottleneck and 1080p there should only be 4.8% bottleneck
CPU's are plenty fast nowaways usually its the GPU that impacts performance

Comes with a Windows 11 Home, Mouse and Keyboard, Wifi card and 1yr Premium Support and onsite service which are nice that you don't get with techfast or bpc.

11th Gen Intel® Core™ i5 11400F (6-Core, 12MB Cache, 2.6Ghz to 4.4GHz)
Operating System
Windows 11 Home, 64-bit, English
Video Card
NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3080 Ti 12GB GDDR6X
16GB Dual Channel DDR4 XMP at 3200MHz
Hard Drive
512GB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD (Boot)
1Yr Premium Support and Onsite Service
Wired Multimedia Keyboard (English)
Wired Optical Mouse
Killer™ Wi-Fi 6 AX1650 (2x2) 802.11ax Wireless and Bluetooth 5.1
Power Cord
System Power Cord (ANZ)
LunarWhite chassis with High-Performance CPU Liquid Cooling and 1000W Power Supply

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Damn, good price.
    I’ll just upgrade the CPU and it’s a pretty good deal with the 3080.

  • +3

    it's a decent price for some but it doesn't agree with me

  • What GPU is in this? Is it a cheapo OEM blower style card?

    • Dual Fan OEM 3080TI

    • -2

      I don't have any proof but I doubt Dell would use any low end GPU in their flagship gaming PC…

      • The 3080Ti is a highend card and I've seen the Dell OEM 3000 series cards, they aren't as flashy but dual fans do the job

    • Dell OEM/outsourced to MSI for manufacture.

  • +5

    Sorry but having an 11400F in an almost $3000 PC is ridiculous.

    • +1

      But remember it is a Dell, it will sell fast even it comes with dog shits!

    • At 4k there is only a 0.15% CPU bottleneck and 1080p there should only be 4.8% bottleneck
      CPU's are plenty fast nowaways usually its the GPU that impacts performance

      • -1

        Although I generally agree with your comment the bottleneck causes a much bigger difference at 1080p. It's more like 25-40%. That calculator is not accurate.

      • And I put 0% trust in that website. Bottlenecks vary a lot between games so some you might see next to no bottlenecking but some like the new BF it could be huge even at higher resolutions.

        • -1

          It performs better than 5600x in some games or on par or a bit worse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BAJVM01D2hw

          • +1

            @Levity: The problem with so much content on the internet is that you can cherry pick evidence for almost any argument.

            • -1

              @DreaminBargains: For gaming the amount of cores is irrelevant beyond 4 only core clock matters

              • @Levity: I normally would agree but multi tasking is a big thing now.

                Lots of people would normally be doing many things at this on top of gaming.

                Yeah honestly I would live to pay an extra $600-700 for a 5800X alternative

  • OP you should know there is no warranty on your 3080 ti ALONE, I would not risk $2300 GPU with no warranty but it is up to your choice

    Feel free to confirm with Dell tech support and warranty team :)

    • +1

      Yes I know this I used to be Dell Tech Support.
      They will only cover the 3080Ti as part of the system, but in my experience if it is not DOA it is good for 3 years.

  • Hope Cyber Monday might have even better Alienware deals coming, seems every few days better deals popping up beating previous deals …

    • -1

      Yes, I thought this would have been the case, but this year Black Friday has been very poor for Alienware Desktops as they are changing from R12 to R13 for Intel and R10 to R14 for AMD. This means all the old systems that would have been on sale are already on clearance or no longer stocked on the Dell website including this 3080Ti system which means they can't run a big sale.

  • What's a good CPU upgrade path with this motherboard..

    I'm not trusting my tired self to try anything more "ambitious" than maybe just a CPU replacement and after market cooler upgrade.. OK I will probably bump it up to 32gb ram minimum maybe even 48gb ram if that is possible.

    Everything else looks alright.

    3080 Ti is so powerful for 1440p / 4k gaming can hit most games 60+ fps with RTX ultra DLSS on etc.

    But this CPU is yeah.

    • A case fans and cooling paste upgrade is what most people do cheaply to improve thermals.
      I would advise keeping the 11400f if you do upgrade to a i7 11700k which seems to be the best option to pair.
      RAM, unless you are doing engineering or video rendering 16GB will be enough as this is already dual channel.
      Otherwise you will be spending $200 on 32GB and I would advise again to keep the old ram when you need warranty support.

      • I looked at some benchmarks and the differences is about 10-15% for an extra $200 going from 11400F to 11700K then from 11700K to 11900K the difference is under 5% at 4k so yeah maybe this is a good configuration after all.. I just know for my usage I need way more ram as I already hit 16gb / 32gb ram before even gaming.

        I'm just a heavy user of certain things.

        It's either this or maybe pay a bit more in a year's time for the next gpu refresh of the 4000 series which has rumours of insane tdp cards.

        Honestly I just want to play all the battlefields and Aoe4 right now with a bunch of current games at 4k 60hz with ray Tracing and DLSS as that is what my large screen monitor can only support right now.

        I don't need it for anything crazy.

        Question is how much more performance will I get if I spend $3k on a year's time from now or just get this.

        My current pc is OK but yeah this will open 4k ultra on a lot of games.

        • I think you will value having a high end GPU for a year much more than the potential 15% better 4000 series you might get

          • @Levity: I'm a long term can wait patient on these games kind of guy so I don't mind waiting it out as the gains seem huge for next generation with those numbers.

  • -3

    Beware the bait and switch with a 6 month delay on your system.

    • +2

      R12 is on clearance, I find it hard to believe we will be waiting longer than 2 months.

      • Sure. I bought it in march and they delayed until November.

        • Dell confirmed: Ships between 18/12/2021 and 21/12/2021
          Once shipped it will be delivered in 4 to 7 business days

        • I thought you bought one of those BPC or Techfast build?

  • Thanks OP. Been waiting for this

  • +2

    Devil's advocate here…
    Does this look like an older rig that Dell has thrown a 3080ti into, in order to flick thier old stock?
    This model doesn't appear on Dell's website (as OP pointed out), only on the eBay listing page. I'd say on purpose so as to limit the tech details to mostly biased marketing.
    OP did put together a fairly accurate & admittedly average Partpicker list of components, all bar the PSU are not up to the performance of a 3080/ti.
    I'd have to disagree that this 3080ti's value is $2399 as it's OEM, without clock/specs provided. Instead, specifics provided are that it runs 10mm heatpipes with integrated vapour-chambers - Dell's "largest diameter heat pipe design to date". This is Dell, polishing thier old-tech turd with a claim that is not positive, yet spun to read so. No mention of VRM's, but, "built with space efficiency with a max length of just 267mm that covers a 2.5x slots and offers a dual 6-pin/8-pin PCI-Express power connectors. All these choices have been made to create efficiency with uncompromised gaming performance".
    Read between the lines - Only 2 old axial twin fans & just an 8 + 6 pin power connector!! It's like a 3080ti GPU on a 3060ti board. This will boost low.
    Other points worth noting -
    An AIO of unlisted dimensions (240mm then I guess? 120mm maybe?).
    Mobo chipset - unknown.
    3200Mhz CL?? RAM.
    Forget about OC'ing anything but the CPU, which Dell advertises is already done, as if it will make a difference.
    I'm sincerely sorry to rain on OP's parade, but this is Dell on the scam, flicking a parts bin special on BF, knowing buyers are not expecting shifty sales tactics this weekend. That is mean af.
    Avoid this rig.
    Neg away, just don't buy.

    • +1

      Out of interest, what would you buy with $2900 that could out perform this? I know it wont be extracting every ounce that is available from a full blown 3080Ti, but it basically costs as much as the card alone. For the money, can (much) better performance be had in the current climate?

      • +2

        I built an absolute weapon gaming rig recently, using only components I bought from deals posted on OzB here. This site & all the users who post deals are amazing. I really only commented at length as OP's enthusiasm was so great that he had me sold, until I checked the specs (or lack of)! Seriously.
        Check my comments for the full details (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/650921), but basically a 5600X/6800XT Merc SFF for $2800ish…benchmark scores are in there also.
        I appreciate what you're saying, but after researching Dell's 3080's further, it seems they are made for Dell by MSI, but are clocked right down due to overheating issues from having to fit them in fancy cases - many fail oddly after a year or so of ownership (many cases/complaints openly discussed on Dell's website). Dell's mobo's lock the PCIE channels to 4x8 also! Evil nerf.
        Lastly Dell's AW OEM 3080 has 2 x 8pin power connectors https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/alienware-rtx-3080-oem... - the 3080ti must cook if Dell had to limit power delivery to the card, by providing an 8+6 Pin only for the 3080ti.
        This rig will benchmark more like a top-spec 3070ti, in my opinion.
        Defs better off using OzB to research the parts & deals for them, then building your own.

        • +1

          I was going pull the trigger on this Comp, thanks for saving me the headaches <3

          • +1

            @Magik: Same here.

            This seems to be not worth the value.

            A lot of under performing stuff here or just straight out missing.

            I guess no free lunch rules here apply.

        • +2

          Thanks for the detailed reply Unsafe. Genuinely appreciate the effort you put into your response. Sounds like you made a great rig at a great price given the current shortages.

  • I ordered two and both arrived within about 2 weeks. Was pretty impressed given I had come from a 1070, however it was basically DOA as the graphics died after about 5 days under zero stress. I could hear the PC fire up and get into Windows, but no matter which port or cable I used, there was no display. Engineer was sent out to replace the GPU but no dice. Next step is the motherboard and CPU. Pretty disappointed to be honest given the price and how quickly it failed. Hoping if the next hotswap doesn’t work that they just replace the unit.

  • Just thought I'd throw this up here for people looking at future similar deals.


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