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Asus ROG Strix G15DK Ryzen 7 5800X RTX 3070 Gaming Desktop $3199 Delivered @ Centre Com


AMD Ryzen™ 7-5800X Processor 3.8 GHz (32M Cache, up to 4.7 GHz)
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 8GB DDR6, 700W Power Supply, WIFI 6
2 Years Warranty

Good deal on current GPU Climate?

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      Yeah, the one you linked is better, but not Strixed right out.

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    I put this together from deals I found here on OzB except the mobo, for a chunk less than the asking price of this deal.

    XFX Merc 319 6800XT
    AMD Ryzen 5 5600X
    Asus Rog Strix X570
    Ballistix 16GB 3600Mhz RAM
    Seagate 500GB FireCuda 510
    Kingston 500GB NV1
    Coolermaster N200P with 80+ Gold SFF 650w
    Noctua Redux 92mm 1600RPM case fan

    Here's my bench's for comparison:
    Time Spy 17283/21300
    Fire Strike 36474/57040

    Just saying, piecing together a rig using this site, I've ended up with a monster SFF rig for less than a pre-built very good machine. The parts seemed to arrive quicker than I've been reading a pre-built does, so keeping that in mind while building it clean and in the little case, it wasn't too bad.

    Edit: Branded pre-built's always seem to command a huge premium. Branding is important I guess?

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      Can you tell us how much you actually spent on buying all these parts?

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        Yeah of course, $2800.
        You can find all the parts I used by searching this site.
        It would've been 300 cheaper if I'd gone with a cheap mid tower & the Aorus pro m-ATX B550 mobo posted on here a little while back.

        All those who contribute deals or information, in the spirit of this site being a bargain sharing forum, are genuinely awesome people. Neggers just kill it for themselves as well as others as personally it puts me off posting, so deals are not shared as often as they could be.

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      Not sure why you were negged so i plus from me for providing people with info - and yes thankyou for adding the price below

      • Thanks dude.

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      While your system is pretty good, you have 512gb SSD and 16gb ram compared to the asus system above. That would explain $200 or so of difference. Seems like the asus is good price when you factor that you are not spending time assembling it

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        Agreed, also NVIDIA is important to a lot of users still. AMD has caught up a lot and I'll consider it in the next gen but not yet.

        • Oh didn't notice that. Yep I'm not going near an amd card as well for graphics. Their driver is not up to par

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          That's totally fair & AMD do have a name for instability.

      • I did list 2 x 500GB nvme drives. The RAM clocks down to 14-18-14-14-32 really easy. Agreed it's only 16GB but that's all you need for a gaming rig. Really it's all about the GPU right? So for the 300 difference I could've put a 3080 in it, but I don't mind an AMD tech challenge…which turned out amazing due to SAM & UV/OC. Those bench's don't lie.

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          Oh I missed the ssd part. OK agreed. I prefer 32gb on ram. You are right. You might add a 3080 with the 300$ difference


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    The GPU fan looks different in the different photos - and none of them is what you would expect in a $3000+ PC.
    The mother board is not specified and looks pretty cr*p too. Only 2 ram slots by looking at the photos. And probably poor audio.

  • Cute but not worth it, You can build your own cheaper.
    Personally not a fan of prebuilt systems. Always someone looking to make more than a profit.

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    3070 build for 3080 build money

  • I googled to find out if the 5800x in this is ran with a default or cheaper amd cooler because he is a real hot boy. I Found an unboxing and it seems they are running an actual tower cooler much better than i expected but still might get quite hot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umYtqzayw9c

    • How hot does 5800x run compare to 5600x and 5900x?

      • Hotter yes but I don't notice any issues whatsover. I'm using a ML360 AIO cooler on mine and it's overkill. If you're going to sit around running benchmarks all day it's going to run warm (not hot)