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20% off All Fresh Wort Beer Kits (Prices as Shown) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Grain and Grape


Grain and Grape Home Brew Shop in Yarraville, Melbourne has 20% off all there FWK's. These guys have taken the hard work out of the main brew and produced these kits for the time poor brewer to ferment out. Prices shown are already discounted. You will need yeast as an extra which you can get from them as well if needed. For the kits that need dry hops these are included in the price.

I have used these a heap as I can't be bothered to invest money and time in completely brewing from scratch and I have always had a great beer once fermentation has finished (I am able to temp control which goes a long way).

Not a bad way to get ~19L of good beer.

Feel free to correct anything if I have cocked up in the post.

Australian Draught - https://www.grainandgrape.com.au/products/category/DGGKTHHG-... - $40

Bavarian Wheat - https://www.grainandgrape.com.au/products/category/DGGKTHHG-... - $40

Ben's Lefty Juicy NEIPA - https://www.grainandgrape.com.au/products/category/DGGKTHHG-... - $52

Berliner Weisse / Gose - https://www.grainandgrape.com.au/products/category/DGGKTHHG-... - $46.40

Bohemian Pilsner - https://www.grainandgrape.com.au/products/category/DGGKTHHG-... - $40

Chris's British Ale - https://www.grainandgrape.com.au/products/category/DGGKTHHG-... - $40.80

Double Banger - https://www.grainandgrape.com.au/products/category/DGGKTHHG-... - $68

Ferg's Oatmeal Stout - https://www.grainandgrape.com.au/products/category/DGGKTHHG-... - $41.60

Fresh Ale - https://www.grainandgrape.com.au/products/category/DGGKTHHG-... - $40

Hop Nation XPA - https://www.grainandgrape.com.au/products/category/DGGKTHHG-... - $52

Matt's Russian Imperial Stout - https://www.grainandgrape.com.au/products/category/DGGKTHHG-... - $52

Milkshake IPA - https://www.grainandgrape.com.au/products/category/DGGKTHHG-... - $55.20

NZ Pilsner - https://www.grainandgrape.com.au/products/category/DGGKTHHG-... - $40.80

Saison - https://www.grainandgrape.com.au/products/category/DGGKTHHG-... - $42.40

Belgian Blonde - https://www.grainandgrape.com.au/products/category/DGGKTHHG-... - $44

Stomping Ground Dark Mild - https://www.grainandgrape.com.au/products/category/DGGKTHHG-... - $42.40

Summer Ale - https://www.grainandgrape.com.au/products/category/DGGKTHHG-... - $40

US IPA - https://www.grainandgrape.com.au/products/category/DGGKTHHG-... - $44.80

2 Birds US Amber Ale - https://www.grainandgrape.com.au/products/category/DGGKTHHG-... - $44

New World Ale - https://www.grainandgrape.com.au/products/category/DGGKTHHG-... - $40

Yarraville Pale Ale - https://www.grainandgrape.com.au/products/category/DGGKTHHG-... - $40

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    FWK's basically ruined home brewing for me. Ever since my first FWK I haven't done another extract brew. Kinda takes all the fun out of it but the beer is just way better than extract. I'd never have time for all grain. I'm less of a home brewer now and more of a home fermenter.

    • Extract has that recognisable twang - hard to get past for me these days. I'm mainly all grain, but FWK when I am being lazy haha.

    • Same here although I started straight onto FKW's and then decided to give extract a go. I just never got as good a beer out of extracts, even with some funky recipes created by users or Cooper's themselves (their ROTM I did a few times), as I did with FWK's.

      With temp control and a ferment fridge I consistently get great beer every time. The only really great thing would be if G&G were to expand their range with a bit more regularity……or maybe rotate it a bit more.

      Still ~$50 for 19L of beer makes me a happy man.

    • Same here.
      I didn't really love cans and bottling though. Just became tiresome. So this has kinda killed it, but kinda made it for me. I'm with you though, being time poor and convenience means FWK beats both extract and all grain for me. I'm only really messing with what yeast I use and the dry-hopping process.
      Pressure fermenter, higher temps and Kveik means I can have one out in a few days, fully fermented and carbonated, really.
      Not entirely sure if this is a good thing or not.

  • Great prices for wort kits, any homebrewer who hasn't tried wort kits should 100% give these a go.
    I used get similar prices from a couple of homebrew shops around Sydney when ordering 15 kits at a time.
    Now I'm a retired homebrewer. Homebrew on tap that takes 5 minutes to "brew" and 5 minutes to clean a keg is far too convenient, results in drinking way too much beer!

  • Got mine…NEIPA…

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