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Indomie Mi Goreng Instant Noodles 5 Pack Selected Varieties $2 @ IGA


Great deal at IGA this week

*I believe this deal is not available at IGA Express

Indomie Mi Goreng 5s varieties at $2.00

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  • Which IGA?

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      Should be across the nation except Express??it's on their catalogue

      • i was JUST about to say - someone should shoot the poster since i just spent an extra $1 each pack @ iga express :(((

        good thing i read the comments :D but still…. unhappy as that $2 could have gotten me an extra emergency pack!!

        • Shoot the poster anyway cuz they were late in posting you the deal and you’ve just lost out on $2

        • Also if you need a gun… never mind this is not the US

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    One of the instances where the original tastes better than the home brand variants from Colesworth.

  • Showing as the same price on Uber Eats and can take advantage of the $15 off $20 spend coupons :)

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    This shit is like crack for me

    • Same here bro 😃

    • This crack is like shit for me

  • OP's username checks out

  • These noodles are (profanity) amazing to me. is there any reason why they shouldnt be!? Actually dont answer that.

  • Also do not read the ingredients list because you need a masters in Food technology to understand it
    It also triggers a cognitive dissonance of Speed vs Nutrition which is aggravating as…

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