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$15 off Min $20 Grocery Order (Delivery & Service Fee applies) @ Uber Eats


Came across this Facebook ad with promo code GROPM.
Applied the promo code to my account and it worked so it shouldn't be targeted like the other $15 off $20 Grocery Order deal on Ozbargain at the moment.

Terms and Conditions:
This offer is for 1 x $15 off total order value when you spend $20 or more from select Grocery stores via the Uber Eats app (fees apply). Maximum of $15 off order value applies. $15 off does not apply to fees. Delivery Fee applies. Service Fee applies to orders delivered by Uber Eats and is based on order value (before promotion or discount). Other fees may apply. Any remaining value is forfeited if order value is below $20. Valid for use on one order only. Promo code must be entered into the Uber Eats app prior to ordering. Delivery orders only. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other Uber Eats promos. Valid only in Australia where Uber Eats is available. Expires 11:59pm AWST 31 Dec 2021.

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    Applied successfully, should go well with my 30% off pantry items

    • +1

      Can you double stack the promo codes?

      • 30% off pantry items isn't a coupon code, it comes up as an instant saving "Save on Selected Items" (but it's targeted presumably)

      • Each store has their own specials on some items, not necessarily another code.

  • +1

    works. cheers op

  • +22

    Getting value from ubereats is like getting blood from a stone.

    • +3

      Very true. The last time I ordered from them was during the tennis promos.

    • +3

      Yeah the only thing I'd use it for is Woolies Metro and conveniently there is no delivery partners nearby.

    • +2

      Depends on the type of stone or who you intend to hit.

  • +1

    Let the war on grocery deliveries begin!

  • +3

    Trash prices in app

  • +4

    soo over priced :(
    service fee+ delivery fee is like 8 bucks.

  • +1

    Nice one to use when you have WW metro nearby!

  • +4

    worked for me too, but with delivery fee, service fee, and over priced item, it work out about only slightly cheaper than if I buy $20 item from supermarket myself.

    Oh wells at least it got delivered to me.

  • +6

    Worked for me, I went with products that rarely go on sale at the supermarket. Even with delivery and service charge, they were nearly half price. Thanks.

    • +1

      That's the way to go.

      On my account i had discount on Pantry items. So i went with items in there that are rarely even 25% off.

      The wife's account had discount on meat. So i'll get 2x 1kg Lean Mince for $10 delivered.

  • Lucky if you have Woolies Metro near and you buy meat. Meat rarely discounts in-store.

  • +20

    Got another code. Try GRODMV

    Might be VIC only

    • I'm in NSW and it added to my account. IT says that its valid only in Australia but its valid longer! Until 31st Jan!

      • Great! Enjoy!

        • Doesnt look like you can actually use it, but you can add it to your account for NSW haha. Might try my luck in Vic next week with it too

    • +1

      Redeemed this too.

      Weird how expiry is Jan 31, 2022 and under details says it expires Jan 10th?

      Location: Geelong, Mornington Peninsula, Bendigo and Ballarat, Melbourne

      Might want to use this one first :)

    • GRODMV seems to cover a lot more stores than GROPM here in Melbourne.

  • I got 'countdown deal' automatically applied to my order for an extra $4 off.

    Burger, chips and a gravy for $7 delivered. Not bad!

  • +3

    Works for minimum $15 order!

  • +2

    Great deal for those with a Woolies Metro nearby.

    I got 2x separate orders.

    1x Garlic Minced
    3x Barilla Pesto
    1x Kewpie Mayo 300g


    2x Kewpie Mayo 300
    2x Sriracha 266ml


  • +2

    Tried 3 different places and all have cancelled my order.

    Sad panda

    • +1

      welcome to the gig economy

  • +3

    Not too sure how to feel about my groceries having been GROPM'ed

  • Was going to order a goat cheese and vegan chocolate from WW metro but they removed quickly😒😕

  • +3

    Helga Trad Wholemeal 750g
    That is normally $3.50 to $3.90

    • +1

      lol pay drivers $2, charge $8, then add 40% mark up to items

  • +2

    I can't post a deal so here's another code for $15 off min $20 spend from Uber Eats: GRODMN

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