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Xiaomi 30W Vertical Air-cooled Fast Charging Qi Wireless Charger US$23.99 (~A$33.68) Delivered @ Hekka


The Xiaomi-branded 30W vertical air-cooled wireless charger adopts a new air duct design, which directly removes heat without passing through the coil.

Vertical Kickstand Design

  • The wireless charger utilises an ergonomic tilt design which resembles a kickstand that is meant to hold the phone.

Cooling System

  • It also packs an ultra-quiet built-in fan which actively and efficiently cools the charger when compared to other vertical wireless chargers in the market. The heat dissipation is equally more efficient.

Supports Qi Charging

  • The charger uses the Qi charging standard and is compatible with most phones that support wireless charging.

Security and Protection

  • With high voltage input and fast charging mode, provide overcharge, short circuit, over current and over discharge protections. Low wireless charging frequency, internal addition of the magnetic isolation sheet, no harm to human health.

Check out chargerlabs teardown review

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  • +1

    Would you recommend this for a Pixel 6?

    • Good question!

      I would like to know if it works for a Pixel 6 Pro? Anyone?

  • +3

    hmm "Note: Xiaomi Wireless Charger must use Xiaomi Cable and Xiaomi Charger to Work."

    Looks like it may be USB-C but doesn't say.

    Also, "Say goodbye to the confession". WTF?

    • +15

      Also, "Say goodbye to the confession". WTF?

      This device enriches your Qi, generally promotes Taoism, and is an effective aid for reducing Catholicism in your life. This eliminates your desire and/or responsibility to attend confession regularly.

  • +1

    I think that most of devices are still capped at 10w to 15w wireless charging. You won't be able to take advantage of this 30W wireless charger.

    • Chargers tend to out live phones.
      For this price it's a no brainer compared to a 10-15w qi charger

  • I don't understand the absolutely miniscule "lips" on most of these "vertical" chargers. Most recent phones are 6"-7", and with any kind of case at all, the phone just slides all over that 1mm lip. How much more does it cost to, say, bump it up to 3mm???

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