Prescription Lenses for Oculus Quest 2 - US$47.45 + US$7.95 Delivery @ Honsvr (Lack of Business Details)

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Mod note: This deal post was to be unpublished for lack of business details. It is moved to the forum to preserve the following useful comments. The business has only a web form for contacts, and its stated address is a shared office space in US. There is little information about the company and its history, and no information about its reliability. There is no warranty statement for its products, and its refund policy is incomplete and non-compliant with Australian Consumer Law.

Looking around for a prescription lens for my new quest 2, found this to be the cheapest and they are on sale!

Depending on your prescriptions and if you add on the lens cover, you will be able to get free delivery as it would be more than US$59.

Comes with free anti-glare coating & scratch-resistant coating.

VRoptician for me was A$145 Delivered
Virtueclear for me was ~A$175 Delivered
VR-wave for me was ~A$137.5 Delivered

I believe there are ways where you can 3Dprint the adaptor and get your own lenses. But I didn't want to mess around to much and I thought this is good.

This would be good for anyone that got a new oculus during the sale and is looking to not wear glasses using it.


$49.95 Is the base price for lenses without spherical aberration. Any spherical aberration (even if it is ±0.25) will add US$5 each lens. Cylindrical, Axis and PD value doesn't add to the total cost.

HONS5 takes off 5% of your total. But it is actually cheaper to get to not use the discount code, if you are just planning to get the prescription lenses (with spherical aberration) as you are able to get free delivery.

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    That's cool. anyone using these or similar lenses?

    • I did the 3D printing and got lenses from zenni for Quest 1, I mostly just go without now but that's because I cant find them after moving. I plan to try again as soon as I can but will wait until my next prescription if they don't turn up soon. Lens orientation can be a bit tricky in DIY.

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      I'm using Reloptix. I choose them as they are magnetic and allow easily going back to nothing if someone else wants to use the headset.

      They're a huge improvement over nothing or contact lens.

    • I got a pair from VR Optician and they are worth it.

    • I also went the 3d printing / Zenni option for my Q2, and they've been fantastic. Definitely worth it as a glasses wearer.

      In hindsight (see what I did there?), I'd have gone with Reloptix - they have a fixed price regardless of your prescription, and that would have been a better option for my weird eyes. Also excellent reviews.

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    Did not know this was a thing… thank goodness is it!

  • Any idea how long this will last?

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      I emailed the company and got this

      “ I was told the sale will still be available for a while. The boss wants more people to try our lenses that’s why we sell at relatively low price at this moment. So if your friend need one I think he still have time. Even if the sale ends he can still contact me and I will try to get the discount for him as well.”

      Hope that helps

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    Very good low price for those who want to give it a go. I'm using VRwave lenses for my G2, but welcome other companies looking to supply into this market as VR gains traction for virtual meetings etc.

    Anyone who wears glasses under their VR headset should give these lenses a go. It is a big improvement!

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    thanks OP, decided to give it a try with this seller. Hopefully the purchase goes smooth :)

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    How brilliant are you the timing is perfect.
    Giving them a go and also will see the outcome.

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      SEE.. get it :)

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    Already got the 3D printed + Zenni combo but the plastic as broken on them and they can pop off rather easily so think it is time to give these a crack. The gap between the corrective lens and the original lens with the 3D printed solution is pretty big so these surely can't be worse and hopefully less, improving the ghosting. The magnets to quickly add/remove is a bonus too for better cleaning, letting others use the headset, etc.

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      On Quest1 I 3D printed an adaptor that made use of magnets. That said, I have ordered this rather than go through the printing and ordering lenses from zenni.

  • can you ware your glass and Oculus together?

    • You definitely can. The Oculus Quest 2 comes with a spacer so that your glasses will fit. I find it annoying to use it with my glasses though. But you might not mind it, which would be good cause you save money HAHA

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        Biggest concern is scratching the Oculus lenses with your glasses so make sure to add that spacer.

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          As BaryGusey says, scratching should be your number on concern here. I've seen some shocking images of people who didn't realise and paid the price.

          If you want to wear narrow framed glasses with the headset, then by all means do so but at least get the lens protecting bumpers that provide a raised surface around the lens to prevent your glasses making contact or alternatively, get non-prescription lens covers to provide that extra protection.

          Note that not all third party facial interface replacements, like those from VRCover, support the glasses adaptor and will bring you closer to the lens increasing the chance of scratching.

          • @WeiKaiLe: You guys got any recommendation on games or app to try out?

            I bought superhot and probably going to get beat saber next.

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              @Contrice: I just got mine last week and am all over Eleven Table Tennis. It is so real if you like and play table tennis. I have even heard people have sold their own table tennis table after getting this. That's my 2 cents.

              • @shanty: I'm sold. Going to add this on my list. Is it online play or playing with bots?

                • @Contrice: Online, and also bots at different levels.
                  I have a friend and we play together and talk. Just like the real thing

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              @Contrice: @Contrice- I'm going to assume you mean oculus native so not PCVR games.

              There are a lot of great games and really depends on your tastes.

              Beat Saber, which you've mentioned, is great. I've played it easily the most of any solo game over the last year. Custom songs with modding is what makes it great.

              Synth Riders - Another rhythm,one that I held off on until the recent sale. It is actually really good and it does go on sale 30-40% off at times so might be one to hold out for a sale on. They support modding with custom songs, so no need to patch the game or anything like that. Just drag and drop songs onto the device.

              Walkabout Mini Golf is an easy recommendation for a chilled game to play with friends and mostly talk to each other but have something that can be fun or frustrating depending on the hole to do at the same time.

              For FPS, I like Contractors the best, it offers a wave shooter mode plus the usual TDM, DM, Capture points, etc. It also has missions where you and friends can play against bots to work your way capturing points or escorting a person. Grab it when it goes on sale too, recently was going for somewhere between 30-40% off and it may do a similar sale over Christmas.

              Population One is a very popular battle royale game, it is not my thing as there is too much time between games and you'll spend more time waiting to play games if you're like me and suck so die early in matches.

              For some App Lab games:
              Pavlov Shack (free) -
              FPS in beta (for a long time now) that is great fun. I think contractors is decent upgrade over this but for free (at the moment) it is awesome.

              Ancient Dungeon (paid) -
              Dungeon crawler that is pretty popular, I've enjoyed it.

              Crisis VRigade 2 (paid) -
              I've had plenty of fun playing through these levels. Support co-op although I've yet to try.

              You ask someone else and you might get totally different games. On Reddit there are various top list threads, generally though if they have a lot of feedback and good scores then you're going to find those games in someones list.

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              @Contrice: Started a forum post to keep track of accessories and games over a longer term than the deal posts here.


              Should add the prescription lens providers.

  • I went Reloptix and are happy with them. Price is just slightly higher than these. Magnetic so the mounts can say on the Oculus. then I just magnetically stick my Prescription lens on when Im playing it

    • These are magnetic as well and the reloptix are US$38 more expensive when factoring in shipping. Nicer finish product though (reloptix) for what it is worth so more comfortable if up close to your face.

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    received a tracking number today for the order i made on 8th Dec. Pretty fast.
    Item is coming from Shenzen, China

    • Nice! I ordered on the 8th too but late in the day I think. Mine is still processing.

      • awesome, i give some feedback once i get it! no ETA date yet from the tracking portal

    • Did you get it yet? when is it expected?

      • not yet but its already landed somewhere in Australia now as of 2 days ago. Maybe will get it next week before Xmas hopefully but not counting on our slow mail due to holiday.

        Custom clearance completed
        102021/12/15 14:15:38
        Arrived at AIRPORT of Destination

        • Custom clearance completed —

          Me too!

          Now I am starting to wonder if I should have put the reading glasses magnification part of the prescription instead of the regular or distance.

  • Any comment of quality from those who have ordered and received?

    • My parcel has been picked up in SYD. Once get them i will let you know :D

      • sweet. looking fwd for your feedback

  • Those who have had their item arrive in Australia, have you worked out who the local courier is? My last mile tracking number begins with NEXAU and can't figure out who this is. Given my item went to Sydney while I'm in Melbourne, not too hopeful of receiving it this week, hopefully next week.

    • I believe it is PFLogistics. Delivery expected to be2021-12-21 - 2021-12-23. Which i dont think will happen because my parcel is still in Sydney too haha.

      Oftt their reviews on google dont look very promising.

      • Thank you, that is them!
        I'm looking even less hopeful than you with "Delivery expected 2021-12-23 - 2021-12-27*"

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          Mine was picked up 3 days ago but does not have a delivery date yet.

          • @BaryGusey: If you use the last mile tracking number at PFlogistics tracker, it should show the estimate.

            • @Contrice: That is from the PFlogistics tracker. Has not yet moved from

              Received and ready for processing
              Your consignment has been picked up

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                @BaryGusey: Oh sorry for the assumption! hope you get yours soon :)

        • Mine is now on board for delivery. I am in VIC. So i think there is a very high chance you might get yours within the estimated time.

          • @Contrice: Nice, I think I might have ordered a day after you so you'll definitely get yours before me as I've not moved to being onboard for deliver. Hope you're happy with them and they work well.

  • Hello guys, thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences about our products. We just started online so maybe there is not much information out there. We stand behind our products. If you have any questions, please leave a comment here or contact us at [email protected] for a faster response. We wish you all a very happy Christmas and a safe, healthy 2022!

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      Hi - one thing that confused me was the prescription. I have multifocals, so one part of the prescription is different for reading vs distance. I wasnt sure which I should use for my order which should be arriving soon. It would maybe be good to include some advice on the webpage for what to do in this situation.

      • Thanks, that's a great suggestion! We have a form on the product description showing how to fill in the prescription. Typically multifocal prescription comes with numbers under the ADD column. Ignoring that column and filling in the others would be fine. Maybe some prescriptions are slightly different. We recommend using the distance prescription in such a case. If you happen to have different glasses to check which works better for you, it would be the best. We are adding a FAQ section soon. Will surely include this and make it more clear.

        Thanks again for your suggestion. Please let me know if the lenses work fine for you when they arrive. If you need any help, we are just an email away.

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    Hey Guys,

    Got my prescription lenses today!

    Pic 1 Pic 2

    Installation is pretty simple, basically push the adaptor until it clicks and put the lenses and the magnet should fix it in place. There are spare magnets provided which is cool. I think it works as intended. There are small markings on each lenses to show which one is left and right. I haven't tried other brand's prescriptions lenses so I don't have any reference of what is bad and what is good.

    Personally, it is a life-changer to use VR without my glasses. So I am very happy with the purchase.

    One thing I am going to check however, the accuracy of the prescription. I have an Optometrist friend that can help me to check this (No offense HonsVR). I am obviously not knowledgeable enough about this but I want to know if what I paid is what I got.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience! No offense taken. It is your right to know what you get. I am glad to know they work well for you so far. If anything goes wrong please feel free to contact us :)

    • Thanks for the follow up and the pictures, that's great. Looking forward to testing them out, hopefully they are more comfortable and a little closer to the headset lens than my DIY 3D printed adaptor + Zenni lens setup at the moment. Tracking hasn't moved since the 20th so guessing next week for me.

    • +1

      got mine today as well :)

      Good lense, easy to install. First time wearing this type of add on and definitely game changer to playing VR.
      Only thing i complain (not about the lense) is that I can no longer peek from my occulus quest 2 hole to check my phone lol.

      • I'm still stuck on "Received and ready for processing" :(

        Maybe next week.

        • Same with me, given Monday and Tuesday are public holidays perhaps Wednesday or Thursday it will arrive to us.

          • @WeiKaiLe: No movement yet for me, still "ready for processing". I am not in a metro area though.

            • @BaryGusey: No movement for me either, pretty disappointing it has not even got to a sorting facility in the tracking. Maybe next week it will finally get here.

              • @WeiKaiLe: Order, manufacture, international shipping and customs clearance combined now took less time than PFL have sat on "ready for processing". Can't say they have not earned their reputation. :)

                • +2

                  @BaryGusey: @BaryGusey - finally got mine mate, not sure when it actually arrived because tracking still doesn’t say delivered and it was just popped into my mailbox. It was marked out for delivery at almost 8pm in the 31st, i has checked prior to this and there was nothing but I found it on a check of my mailbox this morning.

                  Very happy with them, my biggest concern was then being thicker than my current lenses (DIY) but fortunately they are indeed thinner and more comfortable.

                  Hope you get yours soon.

                  • @WeiKaiLe: Yayy! I have a notification of something coming from Australia post and have not ordered anything I can think of so there is a possibility mine has been handed off. I am not worried about them arriving, just would love to get my hands on them.

  • Ordered mine today (23/12/21).. Will keep you guys posted with updates.

    • Hello, I saw an order from Australia, thought it might come from here :) If your order number is 6465, I have just sent you an email about the prescription. Please get back to me if you've got it. Thanks.

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    @Honsvr any further discounts / specials for boxing day?

    • Hello, we currently have no plans for further discounts on boxing day. We wish you a healthy happy holiday season :)

  • Bought myself a pair, can't wait for them to arrive. My glasses push into my face, so looking forward to that freedom!

  • @HonsVR
    Hi, ordered a pair today 11/01/2022.

  • Thanks for the support guys!

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