Upgrade All NVMe to Gen4?

So I've been running 2 x 2TB Adata Gen 3 NVME's for a year - is it worthwhile to upgrade them all to Gen 4's like 980 Pro or SN850s? I've got an Unraid NAS i could use the Gen 3 ones.


  • Most likely not worth upgrading but maybe in certain use cases

  • Head on over to toms hardware guide and lookup the review of your current SSD and then look at the following to see what the speed improvement may be:

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    No not worth it

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    You'll probably spend more time physically switching over the drives than you'll ever save with the performance boost. By the time games start utilising DirectStorage we'll be onto gen 5 drives which have double the bandwidth again as gen 4 and there's just not that many use cases (especially since sustained writes are still better on MLC once you fill the SLC cache).

    How often do you move 100GB files and wish it was done 5 seconds faster?

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    What are you using it for on UnRAID?

    Your SSD's are already probably way faster than any NICs you have in the system.

  • Gen4 isn't even worth it to begin with.

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    Yes! Drop a couple $k on Gen 4's for less than 3% overall performance! Then move the Gen 3's for performance completely negated by network bottlenecks!

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