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Buy One Get One Free Domino's Pizza @ DoorDash


Door Dash has a BOGOF deal. Delivery fees etc apply but when combined with the recent 20% off gift cards deal worked out to be only $25 for two Hawaiian Pizzas.

Someone here will get on their high horse about one other deal they got cheaper once but I'll be too busy eating and have a beer to care.

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  • +10

    Isn't Hawaiian pizza like 5.95 each with coupon instore?

    • +3

      Ham and cheese is $5 without coupons.. Hawaiian is $14… That's some expensive canned pineapple!

      • +1

        Ham and Cheese $5, add $2 pineapple = $7

    • +1

      $21.65 each at my local store without a voucher for delivery, and $35.30 for 2 Hawaiian.
      $13.65 each with pick up option.

      Can remember many years ago they were about $6 each.

  • I’m too distracted by your beer typo, to get on my high horse tbh

  • +6

    Loaded pepperoni is only $5 at my local.
    $17 on doordash. Yikes.

    • Wait is that a local deal? I've never seen loaded pep on any of the deals

      • -1

        Is leaded pep really a pizza? What is the difference with normal pep pizza? They seem to be the same and other also think this. You can get a loaded pep if you order a value pep pizza with thin crust. Its also the same at Pizza Hut, you get more pep on a thin crust.

        • On the same order I've ordered a loaded pep thin, and a normal pep thin and there's definitely a difference at my local.

          My go to is loaded pep because the normal pep just doesn't have enough

          • @ohhidayo: Thats the problem, they were on the same order. If you ordered them on separate orders they would be identical. It may also vary store to store. Would be interesting if anyone has tested this.

            • +1

              @Crownanchor: Dude I guarantee they are different, I know because in both my current and my old area there's a very clear difference in the amount even when ordering separately.

              Even when my partner orders the $5 one by accident, it's easy to notice.

              Trust me as a long time advocate of the classic thin and crispy pep haha

              What I want to know is if there's a difference between the $5 one and adding extra pep vs loaded pep

  • +7

    Value Range Pizzas are $5 Pickup at Domino's
    Eg: Beef & Onion, Ham & Cheese, Pepperoni, Spicy Veg Trio, Simply Cheese

    On DoorDash, these are $15 + $4.95 delivery + 1-2% Service Fees.

    Thanks, but no thanks.

    • -7

      Apples with bananas pal

  • +2

    Dominos have 3 pizzas and 3 selected sides $33 including delivery

    • -1

      ^ this

      • Isn’t a deal, it’s a long standing regular advert

        • I don't understand.

          Can be anything, still make this doordash deal here irrelevant (ie. somewhat a rip-off) to some.

          What's the logic of negging the comments? :)

          • @pizzaguy: LET’S see.. in the past:
            Wed: footy special $33 for 3 pizzas
            Fri: Friday night special $33 for 3 pizzas
            Sat: weekend deal $33 for 3 pizzas.

            Meanwhile every week: vouchers giving similar if not exact deals.

            And you ask why

            • +2

              @FredAstair: I still don't get your point from your cryptic messages, and it seems there's none really…

              • The OP says "Buy One Get One Free Domino's Pizza @ DoorDash"
              • A person says "3 pizzas and 3 selected sides for $33", which works better for many people
              • You say "Isn’t a deal, it’s a long standing regular advert" and neg the person.
  • +1

    How do u like dem Oranges pal

    $12.5 per Hawaiian after BOGOF + discount GC's is a Rip.

    When there's always combos that bring it closer to $8 per traditional pizza;
    also the deal someone mentioned above. Could've gotten a third for same price per piz + sides.

    • -4

      Lol you got me. How am I ever going to cope wahh wahh wahh

      • +1

        Great burn. Classic.

  • +1

    Doordash, et al: We make money at the expense of restaurants, drivers and the end user.

    These companies are a drain on society.

  • Yo whats the tiger prawn deal thingy i wanna try but they removed your post

  • Brother!

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