Spam/Scam Text Messages Spoofing ANZ Number

I just received a text message from ANZ saying "xxxxxx is your security code for the transfer to MR A JOHN. Go to: to remove this if you did not request.".

Usually I ignore these because it's obviously a scam, but scrolling up the same number had previously sent me my OTP for a transaction I made 2 weeks ago.

Are scammers able to spoof their numbers?

I obviously haven't been making transfers to Mr A John. I have no money taken out of my bank account either.


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    Are scammers able to spoof their numbers?


    Never had a text from ANZ with in it (which is fake although it seems to direct to ANZ official website).

    Registered with Namecheap today:

    • Weird that it re directs to ANZ's website. Could they possibly somehow see saved passwords for ANZ if they redirect to ANZ's website?

      • Only if you installed a remote access program such as TeamViewer and AnyDesk and you have allowed them remote access to your computer and mobile.

        • Nah nothing like that, just got scared someone was going to rob me of my $3000 savings lol.

      • Not likely. They just haven't updated the domain redirect to their lookalike phishing site yet. It was only registered today so probably still waiting for hosting package to go live or something.

        • Sounds like a lazy scammer haha

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    Scammers can spoof phone numbers and location. Take a print screen and report to Scamwatch

    How and where can I file abuse complaints?

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      Thank you, I figured it was a scam but wasn't sure how they spoofed their number.

      Kinda explains why some lady called me a few months ago asking why I keep calling her. I told her I've never called her and she said she's been getting missed calls from me for a few days.

      I guess they 'used' my number!

      • That happens all the time. All you can do is say sorry scammers are faking my phone number and to hangup.

  • I’ve received phishing SMS, spoofed from official ANZ OTP number. Ignore it

    • Best option I think. Thanks!

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