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Spend $0 ~ $200 in One Shopping Day and Earn a $20 E-Voucher (Activation Required) @ Myer


Got this email;
Spend $0 in one shopping day and earn a
$20 e-Voucher
When you shop between 8th December
and 23rd December 2021.1
Only one e-Voucher can be earned during the offer period. e-Voucher will be sent via email by 14th January 2021.1

It says spend$0, I assume I still need to purchse something thought.
U need to activate it from email before you shop.

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  • My email says spend $200 in one shopping day and get a $20 e-voucher.

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      OP has a much better offer. Someone has been naughty and someone has been nice this year.

    • Getting below message.

      Please try again or contact customer support.

  • I received the same email and it's honestly a bit confusing. I'm assuming it means spend any amount over $0 and receive that $20 voucher. So could spend $1 but then what in Myer costs $1?

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    Put some effort into the title.

    • I been waiting for my Myer Christmas offer saved search to ping me for a while now. Glad it arrived just before Christmas

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    I got spend $100 get $10 e-voucher

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    My email states:

    Make any purchase between
    8th December & 23rd December 20211 and
    We'll gift you a
    $20 e-Voucher

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      That’s a long time to wait for a $20 e-Voucher!

  • this is targeted

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    Also says the voucher will be sent via email by 14th January 2021. !

  • Work out how to shop at Myer and get a $20 voucher.

    Not worth the effort.

    • Yeah, sometimes they don't have anything you want.

  • Spend $0 in one shopping day and earn a
    $20 e-Voucher

    So why is Title $10 min spend?

    • The title has been edited, orginally it was "Spend $0" as that was what the OP's email said. But ensuing posters have reported qualifying spends to vary between $10 and $200.

      • Original Title was just "Myer Christmas offer". Changed to $10-$200 by Mod soon after.

        OPs, some others & my 2 Myer One emails are for $0 spend - so Title is incorrect.
        Should be $0-$200.

        • Updated

        • Yes, sorry my mistake, it was the original post body that said $0 spend, not the title.

          Tbh, the title is still incorrect as it implies spending between a min $0 to a max $200 qualifies for the reward.
          It would be more accurate to say "Spend at least $0 - $200 depending on the terms of your particular email".
          But that's a bit ungainly for a title, so maybe it should say, "Spend above personal qualifying amount (~$0-$200) in One Shopping Day and Earn a $20 E-Voucher (Activation Required) @ Myer"
          Just seen your later comment below.

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            @sam buster: Understood - you meant "$0 spend" in the body. (No criticism meant.)
            Original Title lacked any detail. (except it was from Myer), so was updated to include (incorrect) level of spend & benefit.

            But how does anyone spend $0?
            Woolies offers sometimes give a 1c/5c min spend, to avoid confusion. As in similar offers - comments list cheap suggestions.

            In supermarket Deals, X spend for Y benefit is used as offer emails vary, but still is confusing. People comment on offer they received, like here.

            As people need to check their email for the offer, it should become clear.

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    Suggest what to buy for $0 ?

  • what email are we talking here???

    is this the myer one member only email??

    • Yes. It's targeted for myer one member.

      • Myer one member all I have and not whinging is bonus $10 for each $100 egiftcard .
        Time to pay of my massive cyber Monday layby .

        • I only spend around the voucher value they send. No other spending.

          Received spend $0 for $20 voucher offers on 2 accounts.

          • @the INFIDEL: Your the Champ I can't help myself sometimes from spending lots of dough at the place :)

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              @popsiee: I've just got too much "stuff". Most of the Myers freebees are unused.
              Now to buy 2 more cheap things I don't need, to receive 2 x $20 vouchers for more "stuff" I don't want…?
              Time to give my surplus "stuff" away / donate to small local op shop.

          • @the INFIDEL: good that you got to buy cheap unwanted stuff to get free money…

            stop whining… many ppl are not targeted…

            I get a nada too…

            • @thomalfa: Are you a Myer One member to receive this offer?
              Stop whinging😉

              Its not "free money" but a promotion to sell more "stuff", to recieve a voucher to spend on more "stuff".

              • @the INFIDEL: I got nothing… such a cheap myer gives me nothing…damn

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                  @thomalfa: As I suggested above - its spending at Myer that likely results in no offers.
                  If you are a loyal consumer - there is little benefit, just points on purchases.

                  I almost spend nothing (because I don't need it) & am rewarded by Myer!
                  It makes little sense.

                  • @the INFIDEL: maybe it's time to get my wife to lurk another direction…

                    myer is no longer a place to shop… lol

                    • @thomalfa: When travelling overseas, I was often asked how I could afford to travel so much - no wife! They understood😊

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      Myer One member email:

      Subject: "<Your Name>, Treat them this Christmas and you'll be Rewarded even more!"
      Spend $X in one shopping day and earn a
      $20 e-Voucher

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    All my accounts was no minimum spend

    $80 coming my way for $1 total spend

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      What did you purchase?
      25c greeting cards?

  • Received 2 x $20 in my 2 accounts, does anyone know if they can stack?

  • check your email, mine received on 13/01/22

  • Has anyone who had the $0 spend offer received their evoucher?

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      I received the "spend $0, and receive $20 evoucher" offer, and I ended up spending $25 and yes, I received my voucher on the 13th.

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