Battle of The 65 inch TVs - Hisense U9G or TCL C825?

As above. I think the prices are similar. Ideally I want something which boots up and switch channels fast, good upscaling as I watch lots of crappy FTA TV, mostly movies and Netflix with minimal gaming.

Also my TV just died, should I get it now or wait for Boxing Day sales given jb hifi has a 10% sales currently? Cheers


  • Hisense is much better than TCL in brand name and the TV Reviews on RTINGS

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      Tcl and hisense are pretty much on par with each other
      Tcl didn't become the second biggest tv manufacturer by accident

    • The Hisense in RTINGS are models you can't actually buy here in Aus even though the model number is the same

      The TCL is a different model number but by all accounts we can get at least the same panel here

  • Picture quality wise, they're pretty close.

    Software wise, if you're sticking to Netflix solely then probably the HiSense.
    If you're going to jump around from service to service, then the TCL will have better app compatibility now and into the future being Android based.
    I'm eyeing off the TCL for this reason.

    TCL has good speakers according to reviews.

    I'd keep my eyes peeled for a bargain on either and jump when the price is right. According to OzB, TCL has been discounted this year down to $1800ish, the HiSense hasn't seen much discounting yet as it was quite a late release.

  • TCL has built in soundbar and its decent quality with a woofer on the back. Also being Android based its superior to Hisense software. Both have 3 years warranty and both similar quality. My pick is the TCL C825 a long way over the U9G. C825 is also Mini-Led which is the next best thing to O-Led. TCL Hands down.

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      The HiSense is mini-LED backlit also, and allegedly with far more dimming zones (HiSense claim 1000+) than the TCL's 240 zones.
      So on paper, the HiSense should have far less blooming. IPS panel (from what I can find) means it wont be as bright, but will have better viewing angles than the TCL's VA Panel technology.
      My pick is still the TCL, but for the right price, and after some reviews come out backing up the paper specs, I'd snap up the HiSense.

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