It Takes Two PS4 Disc to PS5 Upgrade - Not Able to Download

Hi all, I recently got my hands on a PS5 and had already purchased a couple of games in preparation, including It Takes Two (physical PS4 version). I did this because I know there was a free PS4 to PS5 upgrade available (see here, for example:

However, I'm trying to install the PS5 version now and something seems wrong. I can insert the disc and copy the PS4 content just fine, but if I follow instructions like in the video, when I get to the part where I should be clicking the "Free" button all I see is a "Learn More" button. If I click that, it says the item is not available for purchase.

I purchased the game from Amazon UK and I have an Australian PSN account; I suppose this could be an issue? However, I created a UK PSN account and I have an identical issue, so I'm not sure. Do I need to return the game and purchase an AU version? Even with how hard they are to find? According to comments here, it doesn't seem that way:

EA Help have predictably been an oxymoron, claiming there is no dual entitlement for this game.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Cheers


  • It could be worth buying the digital version during Christmas sales, it might go below $40. That's the version I have and I've had no issues. The video you linked seems to cover the various ways of trying to get it to work. Also note, you might have issues getting your PS4 version save file to transfer across to your PS5 version.

    • I haven't played any of the game yet, so save files won't be a problem. If I can avoid returning and buying another copy of the game, that would be ideal. I like physical copies, and I already have this one and everyone else seems to have no issues doing exactly what I'm trying to do

      • +1

        Maybe post in one of the recent physical PS4 It Takes Two deals, you might get more response there…

        Edit: Just saw that you did, maybe try a top level comment.

  • Might be worth checking the PS store to see if the upgrade has to be downloaded there beforehand, I remember I had to do that with Doom Eternal.

    • That's exactly what I'm trying to do, it doesn't give me the option unfortunately.

  • I think you had to install the game first before the ps5 option appears. I remember having 2 copies and deleting the ps4 version.

  • This is actually what I did first, I installed the PS4 version and then tried to install the upgrade. Same result so I uninstalled the PS4 version. I've seen online that you don't need to install the PS4 version first. Either way, both have the same result unfortunately

  • Not sure if it changed but I just put the disc in, went to PS store and downloaded the PS5 version, I didn't install PS4 version (from disc by clicking on it) at all. Worked fine for me. I have the UK disc too.

    • Bloody hell. If it's changed in like the last few days I'll be spewing. I've only seen one other person with this issue, on a random YouTube comment. Really frustrating

  • I've had a similar issue with FFVII Remake PS5 upgrade. I have an AU physical copy but a US account. It wouldn't go on my US account no matter how hard I tried and it showed up as Free. Just kept saying unavailable.

    I finally gave up and made a new AU account and was able to redeem it. Then just set the primary console to my PS5 and continue using the US account.

  • Had you solved this problem?
    I just asked one of the retailers on Amazon and he replied this,

    "you do not need to create any new account , you can use your australia account
    region 2 (UK/EUR) and 4 (AUS) games work exactly the same"

    • I haven't, I still have the "Learn More" button only. I'm intending to contact Sony about the issue but it's hard with my work hours… also, I'm struggling to find any official source to say that it's possible? Despite everyone being able to do it according to the internet up to two weeks ago

      • I can confirm you'll need the disc and PSN account to be of the same region for it to work. I have both a US and AU account and the option is available only on the Au account but not US.

        • Interesting. I did make a UK account but had the same issue. Surely I don't need a VPN

          • @wizza13: last time I bought the physical copy from Amazon US, got the same issue as you. I just create an PSN US account -> log out my AU account from top right corner profile pic on PS5 -> login the US account -> re-insert the PS4 disc (without copy) -> check the product details page -> select PS5 upgrade, now it shows "Free" instead of "Learn more", click the Free button then Accept and download the PS5 copy. It's able to play after switching back to AU account.

            • @jackystudio: Did exactly those steps and no luck. Still the same Learn More button. :(

  • Hey OP, not sure if you’ve solved this but I was just randomly checking this morning and when I searched for ‘It Takes Two’ on the Playstation Store, the first 3 results were:
    *It Takes Two PS4 & PS5
    *It Takes Two Friend’s Pass PS5
    *It Takes Two - PS4 Disc to PS5 Upgrade

    The third one is obviously the one you want. In other words, ignore the instructions in the youtube video you linked (they may have changed how you can acquire the free upgrade), just do a search and download the free upgrade.

    P/s: you can definitely download and play the AU version using the UK disc.

    • Hi, thanks for the reply. I've done it by searching the store too, it still takes me to the same screen that has the "Learn More" button.

      Out of interest, when did you do it yourself?

      • I did mine probably back in October. Can’t recall exact steps but I definitely went to the PS Store and download the upgrade as oppose to the steps in your linked video.
        Sorry I can’t test if it still works now as the upgrade version is showing as ‘Installed’ for me (and if I uninstall it it’ll prob just show ‘Purchased / redownload’).

  • I'm having this exact issue except my disc copy explicitly says there is a few upgrade available on the cover. But when I go through the PS store or game icon and choose ps4 disc to ps5 upgrade the only option is "Learn more". Did you find a solution OP?

    • Nope! Trying to go through PlayStation support. Since I have the UK version of the game I've been passed around between/ignored by both Aus and UK support. Currently waiting on a response from Aus support after my query was "escalated". Been waiting about 3 days.

      Can I ask if you have the Aus/UK version of the game?

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