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[PS4, PS5] It Takes Two $30.01 + $7.76 Delivery (Free with Prime & $49+ Spend) @ Amazon UK via AU


$8 price drop since Tuesday's deal. $12 cheaper than September's deal.

Linked version is PS4 but you receive the enhanced PS5 version and have a physical copy (compared to $37.16 for digital on PS Store).

This is the UK EU/PAL version (Thanks Ausdave).

See previous deals linked for more information/discussion. All recent deals.

Edit: Also $32.50 for XB1/XBX for those interested (thanks ce5himm), however it's on Game Pass, so probably not as much interest for XB version.

Thanks to doweyy:

For those that don't want to fill the cart to make up the difference, could use the $0 min spend hack to get free shipping by adding something else and cancelling it to still get free shipping on the game. Others items from Amazon UK.

As it's sold on Amazon AU, you can use discounted gift cards from Suncorp or other methods.

26/11: Down to $30.01 from $30.39

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Xbox version is also at a low price 32.5+7.64 delivery

  • Also on game pass, or just play online free with someone who owns the game

    • +1

      just play online free with someone who owns the game

      Been looking for such arrangement with someone who owns a house.

  • It's $37.16 on the PS store

  • Didn’t someone mention in the previous post that they couldn’t download PS5 Enahnced edition on the Aus PSN store?

    Seems odd since this is also a PAL region

    • Not sure where you read that experience, but it should work.

      They may have purchased the US/NTSC version.

      If it doesn't work then return it, just ensure you select a category in the amazon refund until it shows $0 return fee (some prompts such as 'saw lower price elsewhere' may incur a return shipping fee).

      • PAL/NTSC doesn't matter anymore
        you just need to get the upgrade (or any DLC) from the store relevant to the game's region (in this case UK)
        will need a UK psn account to download it on there, but it will propagate to every other account on the ps4/5.

    • +2

      i received my copy today.

      upgraded to ps5 with my AU PSN account fine, so don't require UK account.

      • Mine isn't working. How irritating.

        I made a forum post about it. Do you have any suggestions?

  • Thanks OP, used the free delivery trick bought the Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary for 28.46. not the cheapest, but ok.

    • Just curious, what's the trick?

      Edit: I fully read the post lol

      • actually i knew this long time ago (from here), but i alway forget it. Everytime when i looking at the international order, i alway try to fill the cart. Today is the first time i try myself, glad it still works.

  • I had to tap “Other sellers on Amazon” to find the cheaper price. Thanks hamza23.

  • Awesome price. Great game.

  • Its free on EA play

  • Regarding the free delivery trick, does that mean we must place the order, then cancel the second item before they are shipped?

  • Anyone having issues upgrading to the PS5 version? I can't do it, just gives me a "Learn More" button in the store.

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